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Shop + Favorite Things

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Lucite Gold Stapler Acrylic Craft Paint Set  |  Modern Office Supplies | Crafts Paints 18-pack Bright  |  Vinyl and Craft Cutting Machine  |  Gold Stork Scissors  |  Crafts Scalloped Tag Punch  |  Glue Gun And Sticks  |  Coral Glitter Acrylic for Craft  |  Teal Glitter Acrylic Craft  |  Violet Craft Glitter Gold Glitter Antique Silver  |  Fringe Cutting Scissors  |  Paints Trim and Texture Tool Kit Brushes  |  Fringe Cutter  |  Nautical Paint Set  |  Paper Craft Cutting Machine  |  Aqua Chevron Self-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner  |  Gray Chevron Adhesive Shelf Liners  |  Herringbone Shelf Liner {not shown} Tassel Pom Pom Yarn  |  Foil Silver roll  |  Foil Gold roll  |  Foil Applicator Machine Starter Kit | Accessory Foil Starter Kit  |  Gold Tailor Scissors  |  Gold Stainless Steel Scissors  |  Baker’s Twine Spool Set Gold Stripe Craft Journal  |  Washi Paper Tape  |  Mason Drinking Jars (Set of 4) in Vintage Blue  |  Value Pack Baker’s Twine

You don’t have to fight the crowds in the Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, or at Target. Many of these items you can get online and at!

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