Prevent Bubbles Candy Apples

Prevent Bubbles Candy Apples

Candy apples are so fun and are the perfect detail for any event. Prevent Bubbles Candy Apples! If you cannot seem to make them WITHOUT bubbles then I have some fantastic EASY tips for you to try in this tutorial. What is the secret to making beautiful smooth candy coated candy apples? It’s a candy makers secret…? Not really…you just need to be prepared. First you need to check out the supply list and make sure you have everything you need on hand. Second, follow the directions to the ‘T’ without distractions in the kitchen while candy making.

Neon Hot Pink Candy Apples SWEET HAUTE

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Hot Water

Baking Soda

Lemon Juice

Candy Thermometer

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples-SWEET-HAUTE-how-to-make-tiffany-blue-candy-apples


Step 1: Remove surface wax from apples. Clean your apples!

Step 2: Boil a large pot of water and add a tablespoon of Lemon Juice {optional} and or Baking Soda {optional.}

Step 3: Next submerge 4-6 apples at a time.

Step 4: Leave apples in hot water for 1 minute, then dry and scrub surface with a towel.

Step 5: Repeat until your entire batch of apples for your project are done.


Now you are ready to proceed to making your candy apples. Make sure surface are clean and free of wax or else you may get bubbles in your candy coating. Candy Apple Recipe Tutorials are here, have fun…



Step 1: Make sure you have a candy thermometer.

Step 2: Ensure candy thermometer is NOT touching the bottom of the pot when placing/hanging it from the side of pot.

Step 3: When boiling your candy coating do not let candy temperature rise above 300-302 degrees F!

This is very important, you do not want temperature to rise above ‘hard crack’ candy temperature so that you get the right texture of candy.

temperature of tiffany blue candy apples


Step 1: Once it reaching hard crack temperature, immediately remove from heat.

Step 2: Add in your flavoring, I used vanilla in this picture.

Step 3: Start dipping and coating apples ASAP, spinning them in the candy and try not to get air in the coating.

Tiffany blue candy apples supplies

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples recipe- SWEET HAUTE


tiffany blue candy apples Collage2

 Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂
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