How to Make Slime Tutorials

How to Make Slime Tutorials

24 + Ways: How to Make Slime Tutorials

I don’t know how many times I hear ‘can we make slime?’ in my house. We love making slime! We have tried a few recipes and here are some of our favorites. I have also included ones we still plan on trying. Here are easy tutorials explaining how they have made slime! DIY Slime Tutorials using common things found from your home…so you can be the hero and know exactly how to make slime at home…

I love these slime tutorials because it is something for kids to do while also learning about science in the process. It uses so many items that are primarily used for other purposes. Example: elmer’s glue, saline solution, contact solution, glitter, floam, laundry soap, dish soap, food coloring, laundry starch, shaving cream etc. You name it there are SO MANY OPTIONS!!

How to Make Slime Tutorials

DIY Unicorn-Slime tutorial pastel colors!

Unicorn Slime Tutorial via Kids Activities Blog

Glitter Glue Slime Glop Tutorial

Rainbow Slime Tutorial

Color Changing Slime Tutorial

Sand Slime Beach Ocean Theme Tutorial

Frozen Glitter Slime Tutorial via Gingerly Made

Clear Glue Slime Tutorial

Pom Toy Slime Tutorial


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3 Ingredient Slime with no Borax Tutorial via Tatertots and Jello

Star Glitter Galaxy Slime Tutorial

Glitter Galaxy Slime Tutorial

Homemake Gak Slime Tutorial via Lil’ Luna

Glacier Slime Tutorial

Fairy Floam Slime Safe Tutorial

Rainbow Sand Slime Tutorial via Smart School House

DIY Rainbow sand slime tutorial

homemade-gak-2 slime

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Homemake Gak Slime Tutorial via Lil’ Luna

Glowing Slime Tutorial

Minion Theme Slime Tutorial

Gold Silver Slime Tutorial

Jumbo Glue Slime Tutorial

Mermaid Slime Tutorial

Glitter Glue Slime Tutorial

DISH-SOAP-SILLY-PUTTY how to make slime

Silly Putty Slime Tutorial  via Smart School House

DIY Slime with Detergent Tutorial

Glitter Slime Baby Bath Tutorial

Snow Flake Glitter Slime Tutorial

DIY Slime with Glue Stick Tutorial

Iceberg Crunchy Fluffy Slime Borax Free Tutorial via Tatertots and Jello


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DIY Fairy homemade-fluffy-slime fairyPin it!

Fairy Fluffy Slime Tutorial via Mom Dot

Disney Frozen Glitter Slime Tutorial

Magnetic Slime Tutorial

3 Ingredient Butter Slime Tutorial

Lego Slime Tutorial

Glitter Pen Galaxy Slime Tutorial

Chocolate Slime Tutorial

Bubble Slime Tutorial via Sugar Spice and Glitter

DIY How-to-make-bubble-slime-9Pin it!


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