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Have you ever considered trying Essential Oils? We started using them to help eliminate the man-made synthetic chemicals that our family is exposed to in products on a regular basis. I’m extremely happy to be able to share projects, style, and inspiration here on SWEET HAUTE about what me and my family are up to on the daily. Now I want to share another aspect of my life, which are my favorite 100% pure Essential Oils. And not just any oils on the market, I’m speaking of Young Living Essential Oils.
We now use them from DIY Cleaning Agents, Pet Care, DIY Skin Care, DIY Beauty Treatments, Hair Care, and Cooking Recipes. Essential Oils not only smell great and are used for aromatherapy, but they are an excellent alternative to harsh chemicals. Switching them out with many products has made a big difference and I feel safe using Essential Oils for the whole family since they are an organic, pure 100% natural ingredient instead of using mainstream synthetic ingredients. See a few below…
Healthy Lifestyle and Essential Oils:


Did you know you can use and purchase Essential Oils at a discounted wholesale price, you can sign up as a ‘Wholesale Member’? You have access to a discounted rate and you are not required to sell to anyone {unless you want to}, and if you use Essential Oils in youreveryday life and routines, go ahead and buy your oils this wholesale way as opposed to buying it through a Retailer.

Our June 2015 Deal includes:

 Currently, I am having a promotional *JUNE Deal since we had such a great response last month, if you are interested in trying Essential Oils! Promo Code: SWEETHAUTE
Essential Oil Starter Kit from Young Living ... Awesome Deal!
When you sign up and buy a Premium Starter Kit through my *JUNE ‘Sweet’ Deal
you will receive all of the other freebies shown above as an added
bonus to say ‘yay for Essential Oils’ and ‘Thank You for using Essential
Oils!’ Follow the directions below to receive your bonus Freebies.


In addition to the Premium Starter Kit, you will receive a FREE Essential Oil Education Packet:
NOTE: The Premium Starter Kit you receive may be
the Rose OR Dewdrop Diffuser. We cannot guarantee which diffuser your
kit will include.
  • Education Packet
  • Essential Oil Starter Guide- either the Essential Oils Reference Guide, a $17 value or the Essential Oils 101, a $30 value.
  • Essential Oil Starter Guide booklet
  • Easy reference First Aid, Baby sheets, and Pet First Aid sheets.
  • Access to The Oil Nation and Essential Oils FB Groups that have many resources that are helpful!
*Offer only for U.S. and Canada Residents.
Including US Military APO-FPO-DPO Bases
Now let’s compare the difference in price between buying Retail and Wholesale:
 You can save BIG money with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit, look at the price comparison…if you were to just buy a few of your favorite oils.
Essential Oil Starter Kit from Young Living ... Awesome Deal!
 Again, for a limited time, you can take advantage of my Deal {shown above} on this amazing starter kit:), right now it is a promotional offer. You will also have exclusive access to private Facebook Groups which focuses on Essential Oil uses, answers questions, and has multiple resources all in one place. If you are new to Essential Oils then this is a great jumping off point. If you’re ready, SIGN UP here! Follow directions below to receive your bonus Freebies:)

Any commissions being made by the SWEET HAUTE Team off your purchase are used to pay for the Freebies being sent to you in this Deal limited time offer:) Sweet right?!? I believe that you will be excited about these oils and fall in love with them as much as I have!

If you are ready to SIGN UP, please follow these simple steps to ensure you get your free bonus items. Make sure to sign up as a ‘wholesale member’ with one of the Premium Starter Kits through the end of this month to take advantage of freebies.

Step 1: go to the Young Living sign up page and fill in your information.

Step 2: sign up as ‘Wholesale Member’ so you do not pay retail.

Step 3: make sure the ‘Sponsor ID’ and ‘Enroller ID’ say 2490360 {so that you get your freebies!}

Step 4: select the starter kit of your choice. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit {that’s the one where you get all the free stuff!}

Step 5: I would recommend opting out of Step 3 (Optional) part of the sign-up process.
-I’ll send more details on the part after you sign up if you’re interested.

Step 6: Go through the checkout process.

Step 7: After you sign up, send an email with the Promotion Code: SWEETHAUTE in the email letting me know that you signed up through this promotion and if a friend referred you.

This Step 8 {ABSOLUTELY Optional!}, if you would like to earn bonus oils this month, then get your order total up to 190 PV (point value) different items have different point value. You can get the Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit and automatically have 100 point value…then you will just need 90 more points to get the bonus oils. Just play around with items you want to try and as long as your points are up $190.25 that will qualify you to get the FREE monthly Young Living Essential BONUS Oils. {again that is completely optional! yet just wanted to tell ya:)

This promotion is only available when you sign up with the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID as #2490360! And, if you recommend this special offer to a friend {or group of friends} and they sign up through it PLEASE contact me so that you can get credit for referring them.

*Offer is for U.S. and (Canada residents- gift cards will be reduced by the amount of shipping only) includes Military APO-FPO-DPO bases. If you are in another country, no worries…go through the sign up process to see exactly what you are able to order. If you order over 100 PV (point value), then you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.


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