DIY Pinata Party Ideas

DIY Pinata Party Ideas

DIY Pinata Party Ideas

What a wonderful way to save money for your next celebration…by making a DIY Pinata yourself. It’s really easy to make, and if you have all the supplies right at home…then why not do it yourself? DIY Pinata Party Ideas!  I’ve seen the prices on Pinatas at party stores and other retailers, some of the prices are very expensive! The Pinatas that are relatively cheaper ($35) are either not what you envisioned, are not the right theme, or aren’t aesthetically pleasing. While other pinatas are almost $50 dollars…yeah! I know right!?! For something that is going to be destroyed so your party goers can get the treasures inside, and ultimately end up in the trash. Well I don’t know about you but I do NOT plan on throwing away $50. With my trusty DIYer’s by my side we will create a DIY Pinata before paying that kind of cash for a party game/decoration!

Yay for DIY PINATAS!!!

DIY Pinata Party Ideas

diy pinata party ideas diy pinata easy project paper macheDIY Pinatas with cones and streamers!

DIY Pinata Party Ideas:

DIY Super Mario Brothers Pinata

DIY Super Hero Pinata

DIY Shark Pinata

DIY Monsters Inc Pinata Sulley– via Red Ted Art

DIY Mini Pinata

DIY Cinco de Mayo Paper Plate Pinata – via Kids Activities Blog

cinco de mayo pinataUsing Paper Plates!!

DIY Ninja Turtle Pinata

Gender Reveal DIY Pinata

Wedding Cake DIY Pinata

DIY Halloween Spider Pinata – via Preschool Powol Packets

Olaf DIY Pinata

DIY Birthday Pinata– via Living Well Spending Less

DIY Mini Pyramid Shaped Pinata

DIY Soccer World Cup Pinata– via Here come the Girls


football piñata

Such a cute idea for soccer!

Minnie Mouse DIY Pinata

Easy DIY Owl Pinata– via Red Ted Art

DIY Spiderman Pinata

DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday Pinata– via Crafty Moms Share

DIY Curious George Pinata

DIY Princess Pinata

10 Things to put inside a Pinata that is NOT Candy- via Educator’s Spin on it

DIY Pinata tutorial diy pinata party ideas diy pinata easy project paper macheWe actually had to tear it open, the kids could not break it!!!

Who’s ready to save money and create a kid friendly craft with the kids. This is a great activity to keep the children busy and teach them something in the process. We’re teaching life skills everyday and DIY is definitely going to be in our children’s arsenal of knowledge! Just following a few easy tasks, you can make a authentic DIY pinata to match any theme! These pinatas are kid tested and mother approved. You can see after 50+ wild children hit this one, it still was in tact which is more than I can say for store bought Pinatas that cost $50-60 dollars. Please leave a comment below and Subscribe to this blog for FREE DIY ideas and updates!

~Be Sweet


22 thoughts on “DIY Pinata Party Ideas”

  • Love this! My family has had 3 pinata’s this year alone. We have such fun with them. The neighbor kids come over and it turns into a true fiesta 🙂 So much fun.

    • Thanks Kelly…our kids LOVE them and insist on one every bday!

  • What a fantastic fun and colourful idea

  • Richard Hicks says:

    I remember having a pinata at one of my birthday parties when I was a kid. So much fun

  • Richard Hicks says:

    SOme good ideas here. Kids love breaking open pinatas especially birthday parties

  • Sara Theissen says:

    I love some of these ideas! I do agree that some pinatas are a waste of money!

  • Stephanie says:

    I’ve made a few piñata before. We did paper mache over balloons.

  • One thing I haven’t made yet is a pinata. How fun, and you know the kids will love it! Better to put time into this than fancy decorations they won’t hardly notice.

  • Ronald Gagnon says:

    Thank you so much for this…I have always heard of the fun of a pinata party..but had no clue….now my family will be in for a surprise

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