Candy Apple Recipes

Candy Apple Recipes

How do you make colored candy apples? I’ll show you! Coming up with fun and unique things for my children’s parties, our everyday events, and celebrations is one of my favorite hobbies. The Pink Candy Apples project that we did here are all the rage and we had a wonderful time making that tutorial, read more about it here. I absolutely love and enjoy Candy Apple Recipes and ideas since they are really unique and candied apples are an out-of-the-box idea for your next event. Tiffany Blue Candy Apples were a HIGHLY requested tutorial after my initial Hot Pink Candy Apples Tutorial post, be sure to check it out with video tutorials. Come with me on the journey while we make Rainbow Candy Apples Recipe {also intriguing}, a Candy Apple Drink Apple, a Magic Candy Apple Dip, and you might also be interested in Candy Apple Fondue! So many possibilities:)

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Pink Candy Apples Neon-Pink-Candy-Apples-SWEET-HAUTELook how gorgeous these Pink Candy Apples turned out! They are opaque {not see through} candy coated and I made them hot pink for a party we were having, pink was the theme. These Candy Apple Recipes would be a welcomed addition to a baby shower, birthday party, wedding, graduation party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, and princess theme party….a great idea! If you need another color all you need to do is change out the food coloring and play with color combinations until you match your theme. You can create so many varieties and Candy Apple Recipe as a whole has many ideas to think out of the box with using that texture and flavor!

Candy Apple Recipes:

Rainbow Candy Apples Recipe

Pink Candy Apples – with Video Tutorial

Snowman Candy Apple Recipe– via Local Fun for Kids

Crackling Candy Apples

Black Widow Candy Apples

Cinnamon Candy Apple Salad

5 Delicious Candy Apple Recipes– via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Cinnamon Candy Apples– via Kleinworth and Co.

5 Delicious Candy Apple Recipes for Halloween

Red Candy Apple Recipe

Caramel Candy Apple Recipe

Homemade Red Toffee Apples– via Picklebums

Apple Magic Candy Apple Dip

Jolly Rancher Candy Apples

Candy Apple Cake-

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples 

Tiffany Blue Green Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE tutorialTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apples– via Creative Kid Snacks

Candy Apple Drink Recipe

Blue Candy Apple Mix Recipe

Candy Apple Fondue

Caramel Apple Sangria– via A Night Owl Blog

Pink Toffee Candy Apples with VIDEO tutorial

Gourmet Candy Apple Recipe

Apple Snickers Dessert Trifle + more -via Mom Endeavors

Caramel Candy Apple Recipes

Hot Pink Candy Apples – with Video Tutorial

Candy Apple Coloring Page

Tiffany & Co Candy Apples

Chocolate Candy Colored Apples

Blue Candy Apple Recipe

Candy Apple Jelly Recipe

Easy Caramel Apple Recipe– via b-Inspired Mama

Healthy Caramel Candy Apple– via the Iowa Farmer’s Wife

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples recipe- SWEET HAUTEI hope you like these Candy Apple Recipes for your next candy apple craving. Please leave a comment below and be sure the Subscribe to my blog for more updates and FREE ideas!! Let me know if you want to see any other types of Candy Apple Recipe inspired goodness and I will get right on it. The kids love this topic and they really enjoy helping in the kitchen!!

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples-SWEET-HAUTE-how-to-make-tiffany-blue-candy-apples

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54 thoughts on “Candy Apple Recipes”

  • How do you make your candy apples bubble free? When I make them they always have bubbles on them.

    • I have it written in the post, but its tricky to get the temperature of candy right and the way you dip them. Please read the post for specifics.

  • clojo9372 says:

    I love candy apples! It never crossed my mind that I could actually make them though. I hope it turns out okay if I attempt this. I can be a bit of a disaster in the kitchen sometimes. LOL! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    How do i keep the bubbles out

    • I have answered this question in my original posts about my method for preventing bubbles in candy, please see my article on Pink /Blue Candy apples

    • thank you for visiting, these are great DIY candy apple recipes tutorial projects!

  • Toya Reed says:

    Wow they all look very yummy

  • Stephanie Lashbrook says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many candy apple recipes. The blue ones and pink are really cute.

  • Geri Sandoval says:

    Never knew you could make candy apples different colors, always made red. Great idea!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m always looking for unusual treats to make for family get togethers. These are beautiful.


  • Amy Green says:

    I am so glad I found this post. I plan on varying the recipe a little by coordinating the colors with the fall holidays. These will be ideal party treats for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Amy Green says:

    Thanks for the Black Widow Candy Apple recipe. These will be great just in time for Halloween! I love the glossy black and red icing.

  • Amy Green says:

    Thank you for the link on the post for Ninja Turtle apples! I plan on making them as a surprise for my little brother because he loves the characters so much.

  • Amy Green says:

    Thanks for the link to the Apple Snickers Dessert Trifle. I thought that the addition of the Cool Whip was a unique touch. Thinking about trifles, though, makes me laugh. I am reminded of the episode from the tv show “Friends” when ‘Rachel’ (Jennifer Aniston) desperately wants everyone to love her trifle dessert and gets it horribly wrong!

  • Amy Green says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the Snowman Candy Apple Recipe! I plan on varying the decorations a little. I am going to change the theme from Snowman at Christmas, to Monsters at Halloween! The color and candy combinations are endless!

  • Amy Green says:

    Thank you for the post with the link to the “jazzing up a simple caramel apple” recipe. In a way, it makes sense. The caramel is basically the first layer on the top of a potentially amazing apple treat!

  • Amy Green says:

    I like the cinnamon candy apple recipe you posted the link to! I plan on making those for my mom as a surprise because she just loves cinnamon.

    • this is a lovely combination too, it’s sweet and has savory elements!

  • Hello I’m wondering do i need to use both the lemon juice and baking soda in the water or just one to make my apples smooth.

    • Either, just something to get the wax off of apples. If using organic apples, merely wash to get off residue since there wont be wax on organic. Thank you for visiting!

  • It would be really hard to choose some of these. I think I would a cinnamon candy apple though!

  • karley moore says:

    I love this post so much! I can’t wait to make the Tiffany Blue apples!

  • BILL HOFF says:

    We are always looking for different treats to prepare the grandkids…and me!

  • The hot pink candy apples are amazing!! I’ve made candy apples for get togethers, and everyone loves them. Doing a special color like this for a theme, I never thought of it, but wow!

  • denise low says:

    These all look delicious. I love all the bright colors.

  • Denise Low says:

    They all look delicious. I would love to make them all.

  • ncjeepster says:

    Your apples are beautiful. I can just imagine a fall wedding with these as favors, or a fall party. I can’t wait to try my hand at making some of these great recipes. Thank you for sharing.

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