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Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

USO Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester Okinawa Are you thinking about doing the Color Blast 5K Run sponsored by the USO Okinawa? Here are a few hints and tips for those who have never done a color run prior to this. I really wish […]

Winter Wonderland Camp Foster

Winter Wonderland Camp Foster

Since we just recently arrived on island, endured the long plane rides and layovers….we did not travel back to the US for the holidays this year. Instead…we hit up almost every holiday celebration MCCS, MWR, and FSS had going on! It was a lot of […]

Camp Foster Post Office Hours

Camp Foster Post Office Hours

Camp Foster Post Office Hours –  Okinawa Camp Butler

UPDATE: NEW Camp Foster Post Office HOURS 2017

Camp Foster post office okinawa new
old hours- Camp Foster Post Office
 Posted on the front of the Camp Foster Post Office Hours, USPS.
Okinawa, Japan

Finance Hours:

1000 – 1700 (Monday Thru Friday)

CLOSED Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays

Express Mail Cut Off Time:

1500 (Monday Thru Friday)

PSC Lobby Hours:

24 hours

PSC Box package pickup window Hours:

0800 – 1800 (Monday Thru Friday)

CLOSED Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays

Unit Mail Call Hours:

1000 – 1500 (Monday Thru Friday)

On Base:  645-7861                  Post Office SNCOIC

645-5509 / 5394        PSC Section

645-5508 / 5507        Mail Call


MCB Camp Butler post office contact numbers:
• Camp Courtney: 622-4135
• Camp Foster: 645-5509
• Camp Hansen: 623-2385
• Camp Kinser: 637-1315
• Camp Schwab: 625-3655
• Marine Corps Air Station Futenma: 636-3144

 This what the building looks like on Camp Foster, located right near the food court area by the Base Exchange AFFES. Parking is limited ‘close’ to building if you small children with you. It is best to go right when it opens or during work hours; not lunch hours, during the Christmas Season.

 2014 Holiday Shipping Cut Off Dates
Okinawa, Japan Camp Foster

2014-2015 Holiday Season Import Dates
Okinawa, Japan Camp Foster

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Cafe Green Green

Cafe Green Green

This Cafe is located near the Camp Foster area {behind} closet to the side of the Legion Gate and the Westpac Inn Lodge. You ‘must try’ Cafe Green Green! I dropped a pin when I went there so it would be easier to find it […]

Hair Make Magnet Salon

Hair Make Magnet Salon

I merely translated this page to English on google, I heard this place is a great inexpensive option in Chatan for styling your hair. Less money than at Earth Salon. hair make Magnet Hair Magnet 098-926-0199 (reservations and say you saw the “Natural Beauty” is […]


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