BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag

BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag

BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag 2018

Let me show you what was inside this year’s Hauler Bag at BeautyCon LA. The BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag was really heavy and it came with the Hauler tickets we had for BeautyCon LA. We ended up with 2…and although we needed 2 tickets, my younger daughter will not be using the free makeup goodies. I will be giving away 1 BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag to 1 lucky winner!

BeautyConLA Hauler Bag + giveaway SWEETHAUTE

Was this year’s Hauler Bag a ‘score’ or ‘scam’ on ‘free’ beauty products. I say free, but the bag was essentially built into the Hauler ticket price.

Sweethaute beautyCon LA Hauler bag giveaway

VIDEO – BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag 2018

Please view the video below to see what goodies are in store for the lucky winner.

Press PLAY!


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beautycon LA banner sweethaute

Also if you missed it:

KBeauty Vlog + Giveaway at BeautyCon LA


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Sweethaute beautyCon LA Hauler bag giveaway
BeautyConLA Hauler Bag + giveaway SWEETHAUTE
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12 thoughts on “BeautyCon LA Hauler Bag”

  • Marthalynn says:

    Loved seeing all the stuff you got! My go-to beauty item changes a lot. Right now I’m loving the Rose Water Toning Spray from Trader Joe’s. It smells so fresh and gives my skin a nice bit of hydration in the morning!

  • Debra Branigan says:

    Love the stuff!

  • Shannon Gilchrist says:

    I am so not a fashion guru, but would love to go to a BeautyCon for all the free swag!

  • Abigail Schuette says:

    My fav items were the pink nail polish the fairytale eyeshadow and the makeup brushes i had to listen really low because my son is cosleeping next to me lol but those are my picks! My fav go to beauty product of the moment is basic but my charcoal biore face wash i just turned 30 and am really trying to focus on skincare now ive noticed i really need too! Thanks for the content! -AS

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