Best Lemonade Ever Recipe

Best Lemonade Ever Recipe

Best Lemonade Ever Recipe

This is our favorite tried and true Best Lemonade ever Recipe….ever! We use this lemonade recipe for parties, events, and every lemonade stand. It is the freshest most tastiest lemonade and looks beautiful. It is a centerpiece on most of our party tables because we use this gorgeous glass beverage server holder that we found a while back. My daughter says ‘when life gives you lemonades, drink it all up!’

Best Lemonade recipe ever DIY SWEETHAUTE

Best Lemonade ever Recipe Ingredients:

2 Cups Lemon Juice (fresh)

2 Cups white granulated Sugar

10 Cups Water


Best Lemonade ever Recipe Supplies:

Lemons 20+

Lemon Squeeze

Sauce Pan/ Pot


Glass Beverage Server




Lemonade best recipe ever stand diy SWEETHAUTE

Best Lemonade recipe ever DIY SWEETHAUTE

Directions: Best Lemonade Ever Recipe

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 30


Step 1: Place 2 cups sugar with 1 1/4 cups water in the sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium high heat on the stove. Set this simple syrup mixture to the side to cool.


Step 2: Squeeze 15-20 lemons. Save 2 lemons for garnish.


Step 3: Slice garnish lemons and lemon slices to float inside lemonade.


Step 4: Assemble beverage server and combine the lemon juice concentrate and the simple syrup together inside. Do not add ice in beverage server. Sprinkle the lemon slices

Best Lemonade Ever recipe DIY lemonade stand ideas SWEETHAUTE


Best Lemonade recipe ever DIY SWEETHAUTE

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48 thoughts on “Best Lemonade Ever Recipe”

  • Denise Low says:

    Thank you for sharing this homemade lemonade recipe.

  • Kimberly Callaway says:

    Just shared to my FB profile. I know plenty of friends and family who would really enjoy this recipe. I am one of Can’t wait to try it.

  • Stacy Fitzgerald says:

    Definitely gonna try this lemonade recipe !

  • Sharon R Yarrell says:

    Thank you for the recipe.

  • Kim BookJunkie says:

    I’m suddenly insanely thirsty!!!!

  • TammyLyne says:

    This looks amazing and perfect for our labor day backyard party next week!

  • kara bryant says:

    Looks and sounds refreshing! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Debra Branigan says:

    Thank you for the info.I will give it a try.

  • Ronald Gagnon says:

    I have to try this..I love lemonade…and this is quite a challenge

    • it is the best lemonade we ever tasted…we’ve used this recipe for over 7 years of lemonade stands

  • Judy Thomas says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Yummy! I love lemonade but need a better recipe.Thank you

  • It looks very refreshing I would love to try it

  • Dorothy Boucher says:

    This sounds very tasty! I don’t use sugar in my lemonade, only honey but love the recipe for the grandchildren.

  • Christina Gould says:

    There is nothing better than good lemonade on a hot day. Thanks for posting!

  • Suzanne Greene says:

    Can’t wait to try out this recipe; it sounds so good.

  • I never even thought about lemonade stands using real lemons, and not a mix. Wow, that sounds amazing! I see some good sales on lemons now and then, I’d like to try the real thing, but then I’ll be spoiled!

  • I’ve never tried making lemonade before but this seems like something I can do!

  • Jennifer Alford says:

    i love love love homemade lemonade like this

  • Paula Pennachio says:

    This does look awesome, thank you

  • Brittany Potter says:

    I will definitely be trying this recipe! Thank you for posting!

  • Paula Pennachio says:

    Love this recipe, thank you

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