Justice Haul Summer 2018

Justice Haul Summer 2018

Justice Haul Summer 2018

It was a lovely girl’s day at the mall! Check out the Claire’s Haul and Justice Haul Summer 2018 we did during their recent sales and clearance! We also hit up Claire’s Boutique and got some really cute items that the girls picked out with their birthday money. They wanted to share what they found with everyone in case you want to shop the sales before it’s too late and sold out.

The items we found at Claire’s were Buy 3 get 3 Free….perfect! Sometimes these tween and children’s stores can get a little pricey, especially when you have more than one child to purchase for. I always like to pick up the latest styles to replace old and worn clothes when they have their seasonal sales. Now is the time to pick up things for Winter and Fall in the next sizes up.

Justice Haul Summer 2018  | Claire’s Haul Summer 2018

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Sequin Mermaid Scale Backpack

Sequin Mermaid Scale Tail Purse

Sequin Mermaid Scale Lunch Box

Face Jewel Sets/ Accessories:

Mermaid Face Sticker Jewels

Unicorn Face Sticker Jewels

Fairy Sparkle Sticker Jewels

Sequin Car Ear Headband

Golden Retriever Dog Pet


Pink Slime Mask

Mermaid Face Mask

Silver Metallic Face Mask

Sparkle Face Mask

Accessories from Claire’s:

Unicorn Cape Headband

Iridescent Scale Popsocket

Glitter Bow Hair Clip

Unicorn Hair Bow Clip

Trolls Popsicle Keychain Lipgloss

Panda Sleeping Mask

Ombre Star Wallet Change Purse

Sweethaute vlog justice haul Summer 2018 mermaid sequin scales

Mermaid Sequin Backpack, Purse with Mermaid Tail, and Lunchbox


Sweethaute justice haul 2018 summer

Can’t wait to put our new Justice items and Claire’s accessories to use this Summer!

Sweethaute claires haul 2018What is your favorite in this collection!?

Justice Haul Summer 2018 sweethaute vlog

Perfect for Kindergarten this Fall!


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You don’t have to fight the crowds in the mall or on Rodeo Drive. Many of these items you can get online and at Amazon.com, get it delivered straight to your door!

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12 thoughts on “Justice Haul Summer 2018”

  • MD Kennedy says:

    Lucky, lucky girls! One of my nieces is a huge Justice and Claire’s fan. I should take her for a “haul” outing!

  • Debra Branigan says:

    Nice! Love the unicorn goodies

  • Jamie Wilmer says:

    Cute!!!! Love the sparkle bling bling!!!!!

    • so do we, especially that color…it’s beautiful. Thanks for visiting Jamie!

  • I remember when I was younger, my mom use to take me to stores like justice or limited too. I absolutely am a sequins kind of girl so I remember that I used to walk around the store in awe at all the pretty outfits. Oh and tutus were a must for me lol!!!!

  • Christina Gould says:

    What cute girls and so lucky to have all that loot. Thanks for posting!

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