DIY Organic Vegetable Garden | SWEETHAUTE

DIY Organic Vegetable Garden | SWEETHAUTE

DIY Organic Vegetable Garden

How to make a DIY Organic Vegetable Garden in a few hours!
Here is a fantastic “Do it Yourself” Organic Vegetable Garden project. I really wanted to plant an organic veggie garden in our backyard because I was always going to the grocery store for the same vegetables and I don’t like when produce goes bad. Picking vegetables fresh from my garden has been ideal! I constantly cook with the same types of vegetables for our meals so our garden has been a lifesaver. Now you too can grow your favorite vegetables and fruits by follow this step-by-step tutorial! These are the steps I took to accomplish my organic veggie garden.

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DIY Organic Vegetable Garden veggie
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Step 1: Dig up the area of soil to prepare for planting. (EX. Grass removal). Make sure soil is managable and free of weeds.

Step 2: Assemble your garden planter box/border. You can make one or buy one. I picked up a wood border from Lowe’s, all I had to do it assemble the brackets. There are many idea options for borders. (My husband picked the ‘brown log’ looking one…)

Step 3: Add a layer of composted manure.

Step 4: Add a layer of Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables, 2 Cu. Ft. bag. Adjust number a bags you will need for the size of garden.

Step 5: Insert any wire supports for the type of vegetable growth you have. Dig hole, water hole, plant seedling, firmly press soil, & water seedling again.

Ready, set, GROW!

Step 6: Water garden 2 times a day in spring/summer. Do not water during direct sun light. It’s best to water in early morning & at dusk hours.

My little garden helper! She is ready to water…


Week 1. My other garden helper keeping an eye on all the veggies!


Week 1.


Month 1. I planted vegetables that were able to grow easily in my area’s climate. Check your zone map for the veggies you want.


Month 1.


also at Month 1.


Month 2.


diy organic vegetable garden
Look at the plentiful goodness:)
DIY Organic Vegetable Garden veggie
And WOW, now you have your very own fresh organic vegetable garden! Please leave a comment below:

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  • If I had a patch of dirt, I would love to do this. I did have an herb garden a couple of years ago, so nice.

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