Cherry Blossom Skirt OOTD

Cherry Blossom Skirt OOTD
Tis’ the season of Cherry Blossoms here in our area and the wonderful festivals it brings every year.  Cherry Blossoms are a gorgeous shade of pink and they are beautifully shaped, they have a architectural shape of elegance and grace. Leave it to Mother Nature to provide the most amazingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen  in person with my own eyes….cherry blossoms and the ocean are among my top favorites.
Cherry Blossom have also been on trend in fashion and style for awhile now, you can find cherry blossom prints on many pieces…such as the midi skit below that I have been crushing on since last Spring.
Outfit ootd cherry blossoms skirt style ideas

Well these pretty cherry blossom skirts are back-in-stock, so get it while you can…this particular skirt sells out quick in the smaller sizes. I’ve also seen amazing scarves and other accessories adorned with said cherry blossoms, so simple…yet so right!

In this collection I’ve included what I think would go with a lady if she were to wear this cute skirt. The would have beautifully done, natural tone makeup. She would be wearing a crisp white top and a delicate necklace. She would have her cross-body bag and keys with the appropriate fun and soft pom keychain. Her planner/journal would fit inside her bag and she would be having a cup of tea or an iced beverage that would {of course} need a pink rose quartz and gold coaster under it. Hahaha:) The sweet life…..

Heart Eyeshadow Palette | Lipstick | Shimmer Highlight Blush | Pom Heart Keychain | Journal | White Cropped Top | Cherry Blossom Necklace | Crossbody Purse | Jewel Coasters | Cherry Blossom Skirt Midi length

Outfit ootd cherry blossoms skirt style ideas


Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a ‘stop and smell the cherry blossoms’ kind of day!!! 🙂
~Be Sweet
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18 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Skirt OOTD”

  • clojo9372 says:

    I tried posting last night but it wouldn’t post for some reason. 🙁 I don’t think that pink is my color per se, but I think that skirt is so pretty and colorful! I like the floral design. 🙂

    • Cherry Blossoms are really popular where we live…thanks for visiting

  • The skirt is really cute i love how the top is just casual the outfit goes very well together

  • Loving all the pink! I’m so excited for Spring and being able to wear skirts and dresses again. 🙂

  • Cherry blossoms are a lovely print to wear. I love how girly they look on a clothing item such as a skirt. Anything that is Spring related is what I love

    • thank you for visiting Samantha I absolutely adore cherry blossoms:)

  • You always create such pretty collections! I love the cherry blossom skirt.

  • Cheryl Everitt says:

    The Cherry Blossom skirt brings back some wonderful memories. Love it!

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