Organizing with Style

Organizing with Style

Here’s to a new year! Start off your new year with a fresh, revamped home! Organizing with Style is an easy idea to put into effect this season. A great way to get started is to read my post here which can jump start any home organization project with perfect DIY tips and tricks for storage and functionality. Then choose a color palette that you really love, and organize to your hearts delight with accessories and creative ways to store items to streamline your day-to-day lifestyle.

In this collection I’ve used an aqua color pallet with silvers/golds, white, and grey accents because those are some of my most favorite colors. Mixing amazing textures and patterns make organizing fun as well and will help kept things in line.

Aqua Cart | Aqua Mason Jars {option} | Aqua Grey Box Organizers {option} | Cosmetic Organizer {option} | Gold and White Tray {option} | Canvas Boxes with Book plates | Zipper Pouches {option} | Lucite Organizers {option} | Wall unit stationary Organizer | Magazine Holders | Fabric covered Totes

organizing with style ideas tips organize organization decor home cheap easy inexpensive SWEET HAUTE

The items in this collection can be used in so many ways, they are great multi-taskers! The trays are perfect for designating where items are to be homed…and where to be put back in place after use. Utility carts are amazing for any hobby and for entertaining. It can be used for bbq, picnics outdoors….and indoors for kitchen, DIY projects, paper crafting, and many creative supplies.

Mason jars are fantastic for their multi-function qualities, although these have a straw….pop it out and use as storage for bakers twine, beads, straws, colored pencils, washi tape…you name it, a mason jar can handle the job.

You don’t have to fight the crowds in the mall or at Target. Many of these items you can get online and at!

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Aqua Cart | Aqua Mason Jars {option} | Aqua Grey Box Organizers {option} | Cosmetic Organizer {option} | Gold and White Tray {option} | Canvas Boxes with Book plates | Zipper Pouches {option} | Lucite Organizers {option} | Wall unit stationary Organizer | Magazine Holders | Fabric covered Totes

organizing with style ideas tips organize organization decor home cheap easy inexpensive SWEET HAUTE

 Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂
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26 thoughts on “Organizing with Style”

  • Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I love all of these containers for organizing. They make the task much more enjoyable.

  • I love your ideas for organizing and the containers are great for storing things in.

  • I like the colors you’ve chosen. They go together very nicely.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I just love these colors and the way you organized things. I really do need some help in this area. Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks and you’re welcome I love to share what I’ve learned with others

  • I love the aqua and grey. These are really some great organizational tips and suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I’m using mason jars for organizing in my bath and kitchen.

  • Elle Styles says:

    I thought organizing was boring, but not now! I love it!

  • Jerry Marquardt says:

    I like the tips and pointers on organization and all the equipment needed to really get it together. I appreciate your sharing this all with us, and your blog for how important it is to all of us.

  • Judith Martinez says:

    I really love that aqua pallet. The fact that it coordinates perfectly with the incredibly useful Ikea cart is an extra bonus. I have that cart on my Ikea shopping list because I need it for like 6 different tasks in my apartment.

  • So many nice organizers. I get incentive just looking at them, and getting some new things to use to organize does get me going. Just looking at messy stuff is hard to figure out what to do. I want to go buy some asap!

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