Ombre Hair + Style

Ombre Hair + Style

Still on trend is ‘ombre hair’ so here is some Ombre Hair + Style ideas! A beautiful rich, warm winter style goes well with this season’s looks plus Spring and Summer- an extremely versatile hairstyle. This shade of ombre hair is perfect, the way the blended the shades are so evenly and gradual….a seamless application. Would you ever try ombre hair? Too edgy….I’m afraid to try unless done by a proven stylist!

Sunglasses | Tassel Necklace | Rose Coral Blush | Chapstick {option} | Planner Organizer {option} | Lipgloss {option} | Sequin Headphones Ear Muffs

ombre hair ideas style SWEET HAUTE

In this collection along with the ombre gorgeousness, I’ve added some of my picks for Winter essentials to keep near by….especially this weekend! I always wear sunglasses to protect delicate skin from pre-mature aging and they prevent squinting on bright cold day. Sunglasses are not ‘just’ for Summer, protect your skin all year long! I really love tassels still, I heart this necklace….yet tassels are also really cute for keychains and other textured accessories.

It’s great to have a really pretty blush that compliments your skin yet is a seasonal shade. This blush reminds me of tangerines, which a Japanese version is in season here, where we are currently stationed. Then I always carry chapstick and lipgloss since it moisturizes skin and helps from aging as well.

Next up, a planner…paper planners can get expensive these days! I usually DIY my own and carry it with me along with my handy iphone alerts to keep me organized throughout the week. We are a busy go-getting type A family….we are always on the go and taking advantage of this sweet life we’ve been given. Then finally, I’ve included some beautiful, warm, and cozy ear muffs / headphones! I love music….these headphones are perfect for winter temperatures.

You don’t have to fight the crowds in the mall or on Rodeo. Many of these items you can get online and at!

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Sunglasses | Tassel Necklace | Rose Coral Blush | Chapstick {option} | Planner Organizer {option} | Lipgloss {option} | Sequin Headphones Ear Muffs

ombre hair ideas style SWEET HAUTE

 Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂
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