What’s in My Bag

What’s in My Bag

Here are some ideas on what essentials to carry with you in your purse on a daily basis. Some of these items are just for fun and other items are a must! What’s in your purse these days? What’s in My Bag for Fall. Since my youngest child is now a toddler, I’ve found myself not having to pack as many baby things {diapers}…fantastic. Now I just make sure to have my necessities and a snack and water on hand.

Another good idea to keep on hand in your purse is a small portable emergency kit(s): sewing kit, stain removing, feminine products, first aid, and medical kit.

Perfume {option} | Pink Hair Brush | Sunglasses {option} | iPhone Case | Notebooks | Spiral Notebook | Blue Tote {option} | Gold Wristlet Wallet | Pink Lipstick | Pink Blush | Gold MacBook Laptop | Puff Keychain | Gold Arrow Ring | Pink Lipgloss Chapstick {option} | Safety Pins | Makeup Brushes

what's in my purse bag ootd fashion

 The items in this collection are beautiful, lady-like, and luxurious. I love the candy stipe spiral notebook, the pink round lip gloss, the puffy key chain, and the silver mirrored compact the most. Those items are also the more affordable items in the collection and yet they are the most fun pieces. The color combination is reminiscent of cotton candy and saltwater taffy….and I love LOVE LOVE cotton candy and saltwater taffy! The cotton candy that they sell these days is so gigantic too! Have you seen those?! I cannot resist:)

You don’t have to fight the crowds in the mall or on Rodeo. Many of these items you can get online and at Amazon.com!

QUICK TIP: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day FREE Trial : Only $3 for a 30-day FREE Trial. I’ve had it for a few years and our family loves it, there are so many FREE member benefits. My favorite benefit is the FREE Shipping, that’s right….Free!!!

what's in my purse bag ootd fashion
Perfume {option} | Pink Hair Brush | Sunglasses {option} | iPhone Case | Notebooks | Spiral Notebook | Blue Tote {option} | Gold Wristlet Wallet | Pink Lipstick | Pink Blush | Gold MacBook Laptop | Puff Keychain | Gold Arrow Ring | Pink Lipgloss Chapstick {option} | Safety Pins | Makeup Brushes
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10 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag”

  • VALENTINO ‘ROCKSTUD’ LEATHER FLAP CLUTCH is such a marvelous piece! It’s super beautiful.

  • These items are so nice. I try to keep as little as possible in my bag, depending on where I am going. I don’t like carrying around a heavy bag now that I am getting older. Thank you for sharing

    • thank you, I agree….I don’t like a heavy bag either, sometimes I leave the house and by the end of the day {after carrying all my kids belongings and mine} my shoulder is killing me

  • Up until my kids were in high school, my bag was like Mary Poppins’ bag. I had everything in it. To this day, my husband still shakes his head about the time my daughter lost the back of her earring and I pulled one out of my bag.

    • that’s such a funny story…..hahahah!! I have to have something in there to save the day!

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