Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

USO Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester Okinawa

Are you thinking about doing the Color Blast 5K Run sponsored by the USO Okinawa? Here are a few hints and tips for those who have never done a color run prior to this. I really wish I would have known this before we did our first color run. Now I am sharing this knowledge and experience with you.

-wear dark clothes if wearing cotton blends. {your free white shirt may stain….hello bleach}
-wear under armour if possible, or dry-fit materials.
-wear a hat or fun ‘wig’ if you don’t want color in your hair.
do not bring an expensive stroller that you do not want stained.
-wear shoes that you do not mind if they become stained.
do not sit on fabric car seats afterward. Bring plastic bags to cover them and take off what you can and place in plastic bags for laundry.
do not walk in the house or on carpet if possible.
do not let your kids wear their ‘school shoes’

We took off all our outer clothes in the foyer, then went straight to showers and baths. We ruined 5 pairs of shoes, and all our cotton clothes. The grout in the bathrooms that were hit by color had to be bleached. The rugs in the bathrooms were covered in color and my white TOWELS never recovered. They still look like a hue of purple, blue, dark pink tint instead of my gorgeous crisp whites. Tips on laundering…. I used oxyclean and bleach, still had to wash a few times.

All of the under armour dri-fit material I’m wearing the photos were fine. My daughters white leggings never recovered and are a purple-blue color. My son’s white shirt never looked the same.

BEFORE picture!

uso color run okinawa camp lester

AFTER Picture

uso color run okinawa camp lester

They even served a pancake breakfast afterward!

AFTER Picture

uso color run okinawa camp lester1

Color Blast 5K Run Okinawa, JP

This post is part of my Throwback Thursdays Series to read more click here.

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14 thoughts on “Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester”

  • I love these color run events! I’ve been twice myself. It was fun and very interesting.

  • how cool! i have always wanted to do one but it seems that they never have one close to me

    • yeah, usually they only have them in major cities…it’s fun though

  • What an awesome time. I have always wanted to do something like this. Love all of the pretty colors and your babies are so cut!

  • Seeing photos of these runs always make me want to do one! They look so fun and I’m sure people are laughing from start to finish!

  • saegan anderson says:

    color fun runs are the best! my friends and i do one every year!

  • Oh my goodness! I have never heard of this race before. It looks like you had a great time though. Thank you so much for sharing

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