Beach Decor DIY Lamp

Beach Decor DIY Lamp

Beach Decor DIY Lamp

Beach Decor DIY Project and ideas are some of my favorite, I love coastal decor that you would find at a beach house or serene tropical resort. It has a spa feel that is relaxing and also includes many of my favorite colors. Here is a quick and easy Beach Decor DIY Lamp that I put together inexpensively and I really like how it came out. We actually used items that we found at local beaches in our area, I was really happy to come across these amazing finds since they shells are REALLY unique!! Usually we can only find traditional shells in California and coastal Texas.

Beach Decor diy home living room ideas project diy- SWEET HAUTEBeach Decor DIY Lamp

Here is what I did…

Shells beach decor diy ideas project- SWEET HAUTE



Fill-able glass lamp.

Light Bulb rated for type of lamp

Beach Sand {free}

Sea Shells {free}

-natural coral

-Olympus clam shell optional

I first put the sand in, arranged the shells in order that I wanted. Closed up the lamp and carefully added the metal work and lamp shade. Once I had the area picked out I set it up near an electrical outlet. I then used natural coral and an Olympus shell we have found at the local beaches to give the table some finishing touches.

This arrangement would also work great as an entry way decor, mantle decor, or buffet decor! Please leave a comment below:) Happy summer decorating!

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Beach Decor DIY Lamp- SWEET HAUTE


You don’t have to fight the crowds in Target or Lowe’s. Many of these items you can get online and at!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day FREE Trial : $3 for a 30-day FREE Trial. I’ve had it for a few years and our family loves it, there are so many FREE member benefits. My favorite benefit is the FREE Shipping, that’s right….Free!!!

Beach Decor diy home living room ideas project diy- SWEET HAUTE

Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a Fabulous day!!! 🙂
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41 thoughts on “Beach Decor DIY Lamp”

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I really like this beach lamp. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing

  • Looks great Christina! Glad we could participate in this challenge together 🙂

  • I love it! So cute! I know my Nana would love this- she has a guest bedroom with this sort of theme! Great job!

  • Love it, love it! This lamp is so original and summerish, you are very talented Christina!

    • Thank you Georgia, beach house decor is so light and airy….I love the natural elements and colors!!

  • Nice idea. However, I don’t see any electrical cord for this lamp. Where did you get it?

  • johnhutchens1 says:

    I really like the beach lamp. It is beautiful. Thanks for the DIY.

  • On your homepage I saw this DIY and was not sure if I would like the idea of a coastal lamp…I LOVE IT. What a cute idea. I have sand and coral from Florida when I was 5. It was the last trip my family took together before my father died. I am going to make a lamp with those items. Thank you so much for the idea.

  • hi, love the ‘beach-themed’ lamp, such a great DIY project. thanks for the idea. we picked up a bunch of shells in a one-time trip to marco island, fla. and now i can use them!

  • Love this creative lamp! It must feel like being at the beach at home.

  • That is a cute idea. Get some sand and sea shells from your favorite beach to remember your trip.

  • Nicole Carter (Weasley) says:

    I absolutely love this! Anything beach is a fave in my house! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the beach lamp idea. Years ago I bought one and it was very expensive. This would be fun to do with my grandchildren

    • this one wasn’t to expensive, but the kids liked helping make it

  • Amy Green says:

    This is such a unique and eye-catching idea. I would have loved when I was going through my phase of redecorating my room to go with an undersea theme when ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid’ came out. It reminds me of the seashell lamp Rachel takes from Mr. Heckles apartment on the tv sitcom “Friends”. I can even vary the look by using different colored sand!

    • Amy what?! ok I don’t know about that friends reference….we live on the beach, hence the decor

  • Stephanie says:

    That’s a beautiful lamp. Unfortunately the first thing of when I hear shell lamp is that ugly this from friends.

    • maybe other shell lamps from decades ago, this one is for a coastal home

  • I always see these clear lamps but never thought about adding anything to it! Your beach lamp is adorable! I’ll have to recreate it.

  • This came out so nice! Having a beach decor lamp with some of your favorite findings from exploring the sandy beaches is a cute way to have a memory and a beautiful lamp!

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