Tiffany Blue Candy Apples

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples

Learn how to make DIY Tiffany Blue Candy Apples with my easy and fun tutorial! Don’t pay to have these beauties made for you, you can save big by making them yourself. Our apples are amazing for Weddings, DIY Wedding favors, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, carnival theme, circus theme, so many ways to use these Tiffany Blue Candy Apples. For more Candy Apple Recipes and ideas click here to read.

DIY Tiffany Blue Candy Apples

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE how to make tiffany blue candy applesDIY Tiffany Blue Candy Apples Tutorial


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These DIY Tiffany Blue Candy Apples were a HIGHLY requested project by many, many readers! I finally went ahead and bought the supplies to get the project going. Tiffany Blue is a beautiful color and it can be used with many themes. It’s gorgeous, yet still masculine enough if needed for a specific event. Our Tiffany Blue Candy Apples were so much fun to make with my eldest daughter, our other kids were helping behind the scenes…

tiffany blue candy apples tutorial diy project- SWEET HAUTE

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples Supplies

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How to make blue color candy apples?


Candy Thermometer

2 teaspoon White Gel Food Coloring 

1/2 cup Light color Corn Syrup 1 teaspoon Teal Gel Food Coloring

Non-Stick Spray

Wooden Dowels- candy apple sticks

Parchment Paper, Silicone Mat, or Wax Paper

3 Cups Sugar

1 Cup Water

Silicone Spatula


10-12 Apples

Teal Paper Straws

Cupcake Papers- Large

Hello Kitty Aprons

Yields: 10-12 Tiffany Blue Candy Apples, depends on size of apples. I try and find the smallest apples.

How to make themed candy apples?

Tiffany Blue Green Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE tutorial

Blue Candied Apples Recipe

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples Directions


Gather supplies, this may take awhile in case you need to order them online if you cannot source them locally. Clean wax off applies if applicable and DRY apples, cut stem off with scissors and insert wooden dowels- candy apple stick into each apple. For instructions how to remove wax and prevent bubble in candy apples read here, and follow steps carefully.

Tiffany blue candy apples suppliesYou must use ‘Gel’ food coloring, not traditional food coloring.

tiffany blue candy apple prep- SWEET HAUTEApples must be room temperature, and dry!


Next place candy thermometer into pot, do not touch the bottom of pot with the candy thermometer, it should be suspended above to read accurately. Spray non-stick cooking spray on your 1/2 cup, THEN pour your Light color Corn Syrup into it. Place into pot.


Then pour in 3 Cups of Sugar, 1 Cup of Water, 1 teaspoon of Teal Gel food coloring that I found in this pack, and 2 teaspoons of White Gel food coloring.

Note: If the tone of color is too light, too dark after combining, add a few drops of color to match your preference.


Mix and turn stove to Medium-high heat, bring mixture to a boil. Do not leave mix, watch it carefully until candy thermometer reaches 300*F – 302*F. The ‘hard crack candy’ finish.

While that is boiling, make sure you’ve set out an area for the candy apples to cool. i used a cookie sheet lined with a non-stick element like parchment or silicone mat.

temperature of tiffany blue candy apples

TIPS: In order to PREVENT bubbles in my candy apples , click here. Do not let it go over 302 degrees F, watch your pot! and thermometer!! Next, do not stir it a lot after removing it from the heat. Then, quickly coat apples before mix cools down.


Remove from heat, gently stir in 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract. Mix until smooth and combined.


Dip and spin apples in mix, with the pot tilted slightly. Set aside to cool on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or silicone mat etc.

TIP: How to REMOVE candy apple mix residue from pot, simply run hot water in the sink and let pot sit in the running hot water until clean.

cool Tiffany Blue Candy Apples on silicone mat

Place on mat to cool!

tiffany blue candy apples tutorial diy project- SWEET HAUTE

Done:) !!!

daughters in the kitchen- SWEET HAUTE tiffany blue candy applesMy trusty assistant, my daughter {wearing her Hello Kitty apron.} She is proud of our creation! The #besthelper ever:)

Tiffany Blue Green Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE tutorialTo get the cute striped sticks, I simply cut these Paper Straws in half and then down the center to create a sleeve over the wooden dowels-candy apple sticks. Place on cupcake papers when dry.

tiffany blue candy apples Collage2

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples

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Tiffany Blue Candy Apples recipe- SWEET HAUTE

Tiffany Blue Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE how to make tiffany blue candy apples

Enjoy! Hey o I hope you like this tutorial and it is helpful to you. Of course thank you so much for visiting, please leave a comment below. Let me know if you have questions… Have a FANTASTIC rest of your day!!!

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Tiffany Blue Candy Apples- SWEET HAUTE how to make tiffany blue candy apples Visit again soon:)

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