Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon

Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon

DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon are perfect for the Fourth 4th of July parades, Veteran’s Day, and Memorial Day weekend parades. Here is some inspiration for this Veterans Day / Memorial Day Weekend/ 4th of July coming up, Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon for your next parade that you participate in. We found some inexpensive items from the local Dollar Store and the dollar bins at Target and got to decorating! Source list at end of post.

Many items were a dollar or less and then we used left over helium from a tank that we had from a previous party and made the bikes and wagon so FANCY for the parade! This is an activity that the kids will love to help out with and these simple decoration make a huge visual impact. We won 1st place in the parade the kids were in:) and believe me there was some major competition there!

Patriotic Parade Bikes Wagon DIY Project- SWEET HAUTE


  • Hula Hoops
  • Crepe Paper Rolls
  •      -Red, White, Blue
  • Balloons
  •      – Red, White, Blue
  • Helium
  • 4 Velor Ribbons
  • 3 Metallic Garland
  • 4 Wall Decorations
  •      -Top Hat, Star, Heart Red/White/Blue
  • Tape/ Clear Packing Tape
  • 2 Metallic Flag Banners

DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes- SWEET HAUTE

Step 1: Decorate Wheels and spokes with Crepe Paper. I also decorated the fenders, I used clear packing tape and standard scotch tape to adhere it to the bikes. If you have extra time, decorate metal frame in a red, white, and blue pattern.

Patriotic SpokesPatriotic Bike Frame Parade red white blue

Step 2: Next string the Garland to the edges and the handles, I also decorated the pegs and wheel ‘center piece’.

Parade Patriotic Wagon- SWEET HAUTE

Step 3: Then attach the Hula Hoops to the bike’s handle bars or back portion of Tricycle, I used clear packing tape over and over weak areas, I used multiple contact points to lessen the tension for each hoop.

DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes- SWEET HAUTE

Step 4: Decorate each front and back of the bikes with the final touch, I used patriotic ‘wall decor’ hangings as the focal point of each bike. The wagon I attach a velor ribbon to front and back.

Red White Blue Tricycle Bike Parade decorPatriotic Decor DIY Parade Bike- SWEET HAUTE

Step 5: Right before you head to parade, fill up each balloon and attach to hula hoop or various areas of the bikes/ wagon.

Hula Hoop Patriotic Parade 4th of July Bikes- SWEET HAUTEPatriotic Bikes DIY for parade hula hoops

And we are off to the parade. It was windy that day so the balloons are swaying in side to side. You can see here that the tricycle hula hoop in over my daughter’s head, secured the the back portion of bike. Then my son’s hula hoop is attached to handle bars. The kids loved it AND they loved winning 1st place in the parade. Score! Hope you enjoyed this post about our DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon, let me know if you have questions. Please leave a comment below to let me know you visited.

Source List:

  1. Dollar Store/ Target Dollar Bins : Crepe Paper, Balloons, Metallic Garland, Wall Decor, Hula Hoop, Velor Bows, and Flag Banners.
  2. Helium Tank: Target
  3. Large Bike, Tony Hawk Toys R Us
  4. Pink Tricycle Toys R Us
  5. Wagon, Radio Flyer ‘Craigslist’ $20
  6. Kids Outfits: Target
  7. Baby Outfit Gap, Etsy

You don’t have to fight the crowds in the Dollar Store or in Walmart. Many of these items you can get online and at!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day FREE Trial : $3 for a 30-day FREE Trial. I’ve had it for a few years and our family loves it, there are so many FREE member benefits.


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 Patriotic Parade Bikes Wagon DIY Project- SWEET HAUTE

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