Green Drink Kale Smoothie

Green Drink Kale Smoothie

DIY Green Drink Kale Smoothie, 2 Ways!

Try this easy Green Drink Kale Smoothie, 2 ways {kid approved!} This is how I make a DIY Green Drink Kale Smoothie, quick and delicious! In our house we call this smoothie simply ‘Green Drink’ and everyone drinks it, even our toddler likes it. The kids ask for it like “Dad I want some ‘green drink'”… yet in essence it is merely a Kale Smoothie! Today I am sharing how our family makes our Green Drink Kale Smoothie, 2 ways.

Green Drink Kale Smoothie, 2 Ways!

The original way is with protein for bodybuilders, fitness competitors and the alternative new way is for those who are alkalizing or eating an ‘Alkaline’ focused and health conscious diet. Alkaline type diets eat more foods that are more alkaline than acidic: meat, diary, and sugar are ‘acidic’, and can cause health problems.  Alkaline balances acid and helps the body’s pH and is highly beneficial to ones overall health; such has anti-aging, weight loss / management, and disease fighting / curing. For more info about essential oils and the uses click here.

Green Drink Kale Smoothie- SWEET HAUTE Easy Recipe DIY Whole30

The good news is both Green Drink Kale Smoothies are delicious and both smoothies are packed with amazing sources of nutrition, vitamins, and antioxidants!! We could all use more antioxidant everyday, so many benefits related to antioxidants:)

Green Drink Kale Smoothie Whole30 Alkaline recipe- SWEET HAUTEIngredients should be organic if possible and for best results.


_________________________Protein Version ingredients__________________________

Blender such as a Vitamix

Kale, 3-4 leaves: stem optional, leafy portion for best results organic

Frozen Fruit Mix 1 Cup, tropical blend organic

Greek Yogurt 1/2 cup organic

1 Banana organic

3/4 Egg Whites organic

1/2 cup juice of choice, Grape organic

3-4 Drops Lemon Essential Oils organic

Optional: 1 Tbspn Chia Seed, 1 Tbspn Flaxseed (healthier, will make flavor less sweet)

Optional Sweetner: 1 Tspn Stevia organic

Get the ONLY Essential Oils I recommend here.

_______________________Alkaline Vegan Version ingredients______________________

Kale, 3-4 leaves: stem optional, leafy portion organic

1 Cucumber organic or 1 Celery Stalk organic

3-4 drops Lemon or Lime Essential Oils organic

Banana organic 1

Avocado organic 1 whole

Coconut Water organic 1 Cup

Optional: sprig of Mint, Parsley, 1/2 tspn Ginger

Optional Sweetner: 1 tspn Stevia, no sweetner for Alkalising!

Yields: 2-3 portions or 1 large portion.

Green Drink organic- SWEET HAUTE

Step 1: Place liquid ingredients into blender.

TIP: We now use a Vitamix since our regular blender broke after making to many protein shakes. I’ve had our Vitamix Blender for over 7 yrs, still going strong.


Step 2: Peel the leafy portion off the Kale and add into blend, stem optional…can cause a bitter taste. Leafy portion only for best results.


Step 3: Next add remaining ingredients depending on which version you are making and blend until smooth.

The kids love this smoothie, it is PACKED with nutrition, antioxidants, and vitamins naturally!!

Green Drink Smoothie with Kale- SWEET HAUTEEnjoy!


Green Drink Kale Smoothie- SWEET HAUTE Easy Recipe DIY Whole30

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