Spring Painted Mason Jars Tutorial

Spring Painted Mason Jars Tutorial

Spring Mason Jars Tutorial

How to make hand-painted DIY Spring Painted Mason Jars!
I love the way Mason Jars look when they are painted and today I’m sharing how I hand-painted these cuties for my Spring decor. You can either paint them with glossy paint, matte, or use techniques to distress them for a shabby chic look. I chose to make these and eggshell finish, in which I merely combined the two {glossy and matte} paint finishes and eggshell was born!These pastel Spring Mason Jar colors really evoke the feelings of gorgeous Spring flowers and beautiful warm sunset evenings to come. I wanted specific pastel colors yet I couldn’t find the shade of paint I needed in my local store, so in order to DIY and save some money I decided to make my own shade using paint I already had. AND I literally used my hands to hand-paint one of the layers of paint since I didn’t want brush strokes….then I finished it off with a spray paint layer for a softened effect:) Ready to make beautiful Spring Mason Jars?
Let’s DIY…
Painted Mason Jars SWEET HAUTE

They don’t have to be perfect, just paint….

Painted Pastel Mason Jars Tutorial DIY teal pink yellow blue tutorial SWEET HAUTE

I put these above the stove in my temporary ‘Office’ kitchen, I needed to spruce up the space!
It’s a rental space so I can only use temporary solutions.

Pastel Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Aqua Teal
Spring Colors:)


Use whatever paint you have on hand then use white spray paint to adjust the shade to your preference…

    -re-purpose glass pickling jars
-craft acrylic
-spray paint Pink- Pink FolkArt Paint
Teal- Emerald Pantone Satin Paint {Lowe’s Sample size}
Yellow- Yellow spray paint Krylon
Blue- Blue spray paint Krylon
White- Gloss spray paint KrylonStep 1:
Prep area to paint in a well ventilated space….outdoors preferably.
Paint your first layer.
For the blue and yellow jar I just painted straight on, then lighten it with white spray paint.
For pink/teal jar I painted a layer of white as a base coat.Step 2:
If using acrylic paint:
Pink- I used ‘Pink FolkArt craft paint after the white spray paint cured, and then after that set I finished it off with white spray paint to lighten it.
Teal- I used Pantone Emerald satin paint after the white spray paint cured, and then after that set up I finished it with white spray paint.Step 3:
Set aside to cure overnight. Outside.

Tip: These are for decorative purposes only, do not use for edible ingredients after painting.


Painted mason jars make me happy….well let’s face it, all mason jars make me happy!!!

Painted Mason Jars SWEET HAUTE



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Painted Pastel Mason Jars Tutorial DIY teal pink yellow blue tutorial SWEET HAUTE

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