Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet

Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet
31 Days to an Organized and Clean Haven
You’ve heard of the 30 Detox Diet for your body, now here is one that is not only for your health but it is also for your home. Purge your home of unnecessary clutter and organize it with these useful tips. You will find a 31 day plan of methods you can use to get the home you want and deserve! Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet, for home…The Konmari Method is in full effect!
Making a home your ‘haven’ to come home to every night is extremely important. Clutter and chaos can have a profound effect on your body’s stress levels and your personal health. Following the instructions in this post as a jumping off point can help remedy your need for peace in your home. Creating a calm and serene environment is important for health reasons but also for the growth and development of your family…young and less young (I didn’t want to say old). Hahaha:)
Having your children grow up in a home that is streamlined, organized, and peaceful can greatly benefit their emotional well being, stress resistance, problem solving, and overall character development. Of course the same benefits are there for adults as well, but I do it all for the children!

Tear….they grow up so fast.

 Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE

Live with less.

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Before we jump right in I want to say:
– do NOT stress out
– designate DONATE  |  TOSS  |  STORAGE bins
– remember De-cluttering = peace and harmony
– play music LOUD…enough to lift your energy
– set a timer | take breaks
– get the kids involved in smaller tasks to get them started early!
– drink water | remember to eat
– De-cluttering is your friend:), it’s time to live with less.


STEP 1 Take everything out  |  STEP 2 sort Donate/Toss/Storage  |  STEP 3 only replace necessary items. Simple 3 Step process.
Do these steps for every space, each day of the month.


DAY 1. Refrigerator | Deep Freezer | Freezer
Throw out all expired foods. Clean drawers and shelves, see How to Clean a Refrigerator.
Organize into sections, label, and sort. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 2. Pantry Organization
Remove and throw away expired products. Donate foods you have not eaten.
Clean shelves and containers with DIY Natural Spray Cleaner. Live with less. Organize food into sections, more ideas here. Maintain your kitchen pantry / storage, see How to Organize a Pantry.
DAY 3. Laundry Room
Divide into zones. Label sorting stations. Clean and remove expire laundry agents.
Organizing and DIY ideas here and here.
DAY 4. Mud Room | Drop Zone
Take everything out, clean and sweep. Sort through items. Donate, toss, and store seasonal items according too current weather. Designate, label hooks and sections. Live with less. Organizing DIY ideas here and here. Maintain your mudroom / drop zone, see How to Organize a Mudroom.
DAY 5. Linen Closet
Toss worn out, bleach spotted, hole torn towels and sheets. Donate linens you never use, only keep your favorites that you use all the time, or use for guest rooms. Live with less.
DAY 6. Kitchen
Only keep 1 set of dishes for the number of people in your family. Keep minimum amount of cups. Store extra sets for guests high up out of reach. Donate and toss clutter dishes, storage containers, and random items that have accumulated over the years. Live with less. Organize, label, and sort. DIY and organizing ideas here.
DAY 7. Garage
Get rid of expired lawn care and gardening items. Remove clutter that you are storing in there. Clean label, and sort. DIY and organizing tips here and here.
DAY 8. {your choice}
computer, mail, finish prior days of week
DAY 9. First Aid | Medicine
We store our medicine, first aid, and supplements in a high kitchen cabinet. Out of reach of little hands. Organize, label, discard, sort. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 10. Diaper Bag | Back Packs | Handbag | Gym Bag
Remove everything. Clean and sort. Bag ideas here.

DAY 11. Living Room
Family rooms and living rooms might be in the heart of the home or be a sitting area by the front entrance. Remove everything that doesn’t belong there, unnecessary items.
DAY 12. Vehicles
Take out everything. Clean and bring things back into house.
DAY 13. Command Center
Toss paper clutter, take everything out. Only replace necessary items. Storage ideas here. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 14. Personal Care Items | Makeup
Discard expired personal hygiene products and items you never use. Sort, label, and organize.
DIY and organizing ideas here.
DAY 15. Cleaning Collective | Products
Organize and label where everything belongs. Toss expired cleaning supplies and products. Organizing ideas here.
DAY 16. {your choice}
spice cabinet, cosmetics, finish prior days of week
DAY 17. Office | Desk
Organize paperwork, get rid of old and make room for new. Label and sort.
DIY and organizing ideas here, here, and organize with style here.
DAY 18. Dining Room | Breakfast Room
Remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Designate space for dishes, decor, and storage.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 19. Junk Drawers
Empty entire drawers. Add dividers and label them. Organize the clutter.
DIY and Organizing ideas here.
DAY 20. Night Stands
Clean out and organize. Only replace items that are needed.

DAY 21. Creative Space
Only keep things you absolutely need, difficult for bloggers. Organize, label, designate.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 22. Media Room
Clean out broken DVDs and games. Only keep items that are used all the time. Store the rest.
Put everything back where it belongs in house.

DAY 23. Closet
Donate clothes and shoes that do not fit, have shrunk, out of style. Toss clothes that are decrepit.
Try and keep 40-60 items total per season. Difficult, I know.
DAY 24. {your choice}
jewelry, sock drawer, finish prior day of week
DAY 25. Toys
Remove all toys, only have 4 toys out per child. Donate toys, toss broken, store the rest out of reach of little hands.
DAY 26. Dresser Drawers
Clean out and toss all underwear that is worn out, socks, and shirts with holes/stains. Try and keep only 10 pairs of sock/underwear per person.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 27. Paper | Files | Photos
Only keep papers you absolutely need, file them. Photo clear out computer and electronics of images you do not want or need.
DAY 28. Accessories
Donate accessories you do not use or need. Keep only the accessories you adore.
DAY 29. Books | Magazines | Catalogs
Toss expired catalogs, clip pages out of magazines and file. Donate/sell books you’ve already read or still have not read….for years. Organizing DIY ideas here.
DAY 30. Kid’s Closets
Empty closets and donate unnecessary, old, small clothes. Only keep favorites.
Try and keep only 14 sets of clothes per child, instead of 85.
Organizing DIY ideas here.
DAY 31. Bathrooms
Organize, sort, and label bathroom cabinets. Toss expired item, donate unnecessary bathroom accessories and products {example: mini Hotel Toiletries / Hygiene Products}.

Have fun with it, remember your end goal:)

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE3 Steps to Live with Less

It’s time to live with less, you will be able to save time and energy this way.
You will be able to find things quicker, spend less time cleaning, and spend more time doing the things you love to do….the things that matter.

Just follow the 3 Steps and repeat for each space, everyday of the month for the home Detoxification diet and you will be done in no time. Remember to set a reasonable amount of time on a timer and when the timer goes off, either take a break or stop and move on to the next part of your routine.
Trust me that you will feel much better, your family will feel calmer and relaxed, and you will be thrilled with the results….and the dividends thereafter.
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Thank you so much for visiting…
HAVE A WONDERFUL and clean, cheerful day!
~Be Sweet
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67 thoughts on “Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet”

  • Thanks for the pep talk! I really need to organize any get rid of our abundance of toys. Will have to follow your plan. Thanks!

  • Kelly Lee says:

    Haha my friend. You are the BEST person to give this lesson. With 3 kids, I have no clue how you do it. One thing that caught my attention was that you gave a freebie day, the day after cleaning the garage. Lol. Is that because some garages are 2 day projects(like mine).
    I would like to give some excellent advice to your readers. Magic erasers are my best friend when cleaning! I’m telling everyone to listen carefully. For the shower: Kaboom and magic eraser. Your shower/bathtub will shine with little work. You will not believe what comes off that bathtub with only 1 weeks use, by just wiping it down with that magic eraser. Kaboom and magic erasers have MANY uses. They sell no name brand in bulk on Amazon or for those of you on a super limited budget; You can even get them at the dollar store. They are not nearly as sturdy as the name brand, but they do the job. You will be amazed! Name brand last longer, whereas generic are like a one or two use. Use them on walls (they take scuff marks off walls) I use them on EVERYTHING because they take things off with ease that you couldn’t othewise get off. Put water on them and wipe doors or walls to get fingerprints off with ease. Work smarter not harder. Luv ya friend.

    One more thing…. I’m kinda OCD when it comes to cleaning. I bought little inexpensive brush sets online that have little wire brushes and bristle brushes. I also just found them at the dollar store . These wire brushes and bristle brushes are life savers. They have multiple purposes for cracks and crevices or if you have a little boy who likes to put boogers on the wall. Kinda embarrassing to talk about but it happens and by the time you find them, they are hard as a rock. I made my son clean them himself with the brushes and cleaning product on two occasions (thank god he quit doing it). I use them on the stove, car (not metal brushes on car), floor, around the bathtub, walls, baseboards, etc. my stove is hard to clean when my teenagers spill on it. I spray it down. And uses brushes to get it spotless. <3

    • Thank you Kelly, for all the wonderful tips….see you need to start girl!

  • Thank you for this. I’ve been on a 7 week purge/ organize binge. My home feels so much better!
    Here from I heeart Organizing.

  • Elizabeth H. says:

    Thanks for posting this. I really need to do more of this. I did a detox on my dining room and it looks and feels so good in there now!!

    • Exactly Elizabeth, whenever I re-do a space….wow what a difference and feeling it evokes.

  • Wilbert Varquez says:

    Very oganized. Cool stuff out there.

  • I totally cleaned out my fridge just the other day and it was so therapeutic! We’ve had most of our belongings in a storage unit for the last year while we live in temporary housing. Our goal for the next month or so is to see how much we can declutter in hopes that we can downsize our storage unit.

  • Deborah Caudill says:

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous 31 day organizational clutter detox method. My house is in dire need of your assistance.

  • Maria Montero says:

    My little organizing heart is at peace, I organized everything after reading this 🙂

  • laurie damrose says:

    I need to do this.

  • molli vandehey says:

    i really need to purge, but ive never had real accountability. tthis is a great set of guidelines and inspiration.

  • Um this is THE best organization post EVER. Great tips! Pinned and will definitely 100% be using!

  • I’m so printing this instruction out and follow it. A thorough detox for the apartment is exactly what I need right now. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is so for me. Every now and than I like to do this!

  • Heather Ramos says:

    O-M-G, this is exactly what I need! Thanks for sharing! I’m such a clutter hound, especially when it comes to paper :/ I can’t wait to get started with this!!

  • Thanks for the outline! With the holidays — I like to try to clear out spaces — I hate having clutter compete with the sparse holiday decorations I put up. The cleaner it is — the better it ALL looks!

  • Thanks for this, I’m going to print this out and follow it. I need it. I’ve been suffering from an illness for a couple of years and my house organization is way overdue.

  • saegan anderson says:

    thanks for the tips! i’m not going to clean, but great tips for if i ever get the motivation haha

  • laurie damrose says:

    Every moth I like to pick an area to sort through and make cleaner.

  • Can I hire you to do this for me, lol. You have inspired to to declutter. Love, love, love all your tips and your daily to-do list. Thank you!

    • hahaha I need to hire someone to do this….I wrote this to keep me organized and motivated

  • Cynthia W says:

    Thanks for this. I have been trying to do some spring cleaning but have totally lost my focus. This is helpful – I’m going to head back to Day 1!

    • oh no! well good luck Cynthia….and I can relate, with 3 small children I feel like I start over every night as well after my 3 tornados come through

  • Love the organized list of how to and what to tackle… Helps to not allow it to become so completely overwhelming. Thanks!

  • cassandra m says:

    This is a great great idea! I am in the process of moving in the next few months but this would definitely get me started on the process of organizing before the move. thanks.

  • This goes with a lot of hard work. Good job.

  • I’m definitely due for a big cleaning. Thanks for the tips!

  • angelica taylor says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

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