Spinning Style- Organized Fitness + Giveaway

Spinning Style- Organized Fitness + Giveaway
For Spin class you need to have the essentials in your gym bag and the right attire.
These picks are great for any type of workout and I threw in the sunglasses because I go to and from workouts with no make up on so I use sunglasses to protect my skin from the sun {wrinkles} and protect the public from seeing me with no makeup…just kidding. They see me inside the gym anyway with a fresh no makeup face so it’s really for the sun protection. 
The makeup I wear has SPF in it but for morning workouts I do not wear makeup.
Just moisturizer and chapstick/ lip gloss.
 Time to ‘DO WORK’, put the time in and do the work.
Spin Class is a great source of exercise:)

1. Under Armour Still got to have it Bra

And now for the Nordstrom $800 Giveaway


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