Valentine’s CRUSH + FREE Printables

Valentine’s CRUSH + FREE Printables

Valentine’s Crush Gift + FREE Printables

Look how adorable this gift idea is!! I really love making DIY Valentine’s Day and homemade gifts for loved ones. This is a simple gift that can be put together at a moments notice for so many different people. This is great for girlfriend/ boyfriend, sister, best friend, teacher, and other close family!

Valentine-s CRUSH Gift Idea SWEET HAUTE
Valentine’s Crush Gift
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 Valentine’s Crush Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have been waiting all year to write about many sweet little ideas featuring this amazing holiday…love day! Today I’m sharing my Valentine’s Crush gift idea and I am happy to create a gift that is fast, budget friendly, and can be given to just about ANYONE:) and you can customize this to your needs.
 This Crush soda gift is actually a throwback and a remix on my original post, an alternative to an Easter Basket in which I share my first {Message n’ a Bottle} Easter related grape Crush Soda Gift….way back in the day when I rarely blogged, as a hobby. And I mean rarely, like once a YEAR lol. Back when my small kids were very, very young and almost…well newborn. So that just tells you why I couldn’t really blog at that time:) and I didn’t know what ‘blogging’ was. I had just really shared it to my friends and fam. Since then, boy have things changed around here since our kids have gotten a little older!

This time I am doing a hot pink version of that gift idea…with the strawberry soda six pack!

Valentine-s CRUSH Gift Idea SWEET HAUTE

Valentine’s Crush Gift
Valentines Day theme with CRUSH and OXOX printables:)


11 Pink Valentine Projects #MakeIt 1. LOVE Letters Simple Valentine Craft 2. {Friends}…a Printable 3. Show a Little Love {Rolled Fabric Flowers Valentine’s Art} 4. Painted Heart Burlap Plaque 5. White Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie 6. Strawberry Banana Cupcakes 7. Valentine for Teachers 8. Hershey’s Kiss Chocolate Rose 9. You’ve Got The “WRITE” Stuff Valentine Gift 10. Valentine’s CRUSH Gift + Free Printable 11. Fabric Wrapped Valentine’s Wreath


Crush Soda
    -six pack of any soda
Paper Straws
Peeps Hearts
Jelly Beans
-Valentines Mix/ Conversation
Conversation Hearts
Cellophane Wrap
Cardstock White Paper
– or use white printer paper
Hole Punch
Glue Dots


This gift project is pretty self explanatory, yet here’s how I did it just in case I can help:)
Step 1:
Buy and gather your supplies, you can find everything at your local grocery store and dollar store.
Step 2:
Stuff your six pack of soda with Valentines Day snacks. Use glue dots or tape to keep your snacks from shifting inside of gift packaging. To make the Valentines DIY Heart Lollipops yourself head over to this post here.
Step 3:
Print out your FREE Valentines Day Printables with card stock, for best results,….but you can still use regular printer paper too:) if that is what you have on hand! Use those printables to decorate your straws, bottles, and lollipops. You can also use the bottle printables for cupcake toppers instead or in addition if you are making cupcakes for an event.
Step 4:
Wrap it up in cellophane wrap and tie with a beautiful luxurious ribbon and add a gift tag for your Crush on the outside! The straw flags also have cute saying on them about ‘Crush’ to go with the theme of the soda pack.

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags and Lollipop FREE Printables

Valentine’s Day CRUSH Straw Flags and Bottle / Cupcake Toppers FREE Printables

Valentine-s CRUSH Gift Idea SWEET HAUTE

Message n’ a Bottle by SWEET HAUTE 

Original person to make a ‘sixpack’ post in Blogland , maybe you remember seeing it. I know a lot of people made their own version after I posted this.
LOL and if I remember at the time, I was one of the first people to also post a quad of pictures…actual original picture above. I was already accustomed to making collages for my work and I wondered why more people weren’t doing that in link parties {circa 2011}. I think Picnic was the free software then {instead of Picmonkey}, if not using Photoshop. Again, this was back a long time ago…but wow has blogging come a long way since then. Now collages are an everyday thing and a standard in blogging.

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~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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