Valentine’s Conversation Hearts Cupcakes

Valentine’s Conversation Hearts Cupcakes
How to make a really cute and creative treat idea for Valentine’s Day!
Conversation Hearts Cupcakes Here is fast, inexpensive, and easy snack you can make fairly quickly with items you can find at your local dollar store! Pick up some box cake mix, canned frosting, pack of conversation heart candies and you are set to make these little babies:)
My daughter had a blast helping to make these beauties. These cupcakes are fun and easy to take for your next Valentines event and a great idea for ice breaker/ ‘conversation starter’ for parties. I love to make things that serve a dual purpose, decor and baked delight! It has a visual effect yet you are not left with a bunch of holiday decorations after Valentines Day is over.

Easy. Breezy. Gorgeous. Fast.

Cake Mix
    -or from scratch
   -from scratch
Cupcake Paper Cups
Conversation Hearts Candies
Cupcake Toppers {optional}

Pretty self-explanatory, yet I’ll tell you how I did it:)

Here’s what I did…..

EASY. FUN. Let’s DO IT!!

Step 1: Bake up a batch of yummy cupcakes of your flavor of choice. For this recipe we made vanilla flavored cupcakes in festive Valentine’s designed cupcake papers.
Step 2: Frost with favorite frosting. Next we applied pink strawberry flavored frosting, from the store, and made a thing layer on the top to act as glue/adhesive for candied hearts.
Step 3: Apply the cute conversation hearts candy starting from the center and working out toward edges. We found conversation hearts in the seasonal section of our local dollar store.
Add a double ‘paper’ with some cute Valentine’s paper cups to decorate to each!
Finish with a cupcake topper:)
Conversation Hearts Cupcakes- SWEET HAUTE
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Conversation Hearts Cupcakes- SWEET HAUTE

Enjoy and share to me on our SWEET HAUTE Facebook page if you make it:)
Have a wonderful day!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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