Grape, Lime: Gym Style

Grape, Lime: Gym Style
Gym Style by SWEET HAUTE
Here are a few options to keep in mind when heading to the gym….in style no doubt. These items are what I feel are some great ideas to get you started in the right direction. My favorites include music, with over-ear headphones to keep you motivated and energy levels high during cardio or heavy lifting. Then investing in a great fitness tracker like FitBit is an awesome way to realize the intensity of the workout you’ve done, movement of the day, and calories burned. I love solid color pumas as well as their neon color combinations. I put the knee highs in there for leg day, deadlifts and some types of squats you need to protect your shins:)

Grape and Lime Gym time inspiration…

fitness, essentials

Suede shoes

Puma sneaker
$150 –

Frends headphone

Beats by Dre Solo Over-Ear Headphones

 $150 –

Check out these fitness deals here and if you have signed up for Amazon PRIME you need to you have get FREE Shipping on so many items using it!!
 Please let me know what you think and if you have any of these items? Do you recommend…not recommend them. I know they look great on ‘paper’ but do they do the job in the gym when you’re doing the work? 
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Gym Style Lime, Grape

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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  • this looks amazing. i have many plans for exercise this year and the clothes sure make a difference.

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