Torii Station- Army!

For those of you among the SWEETHAUTE readers, many of you know that we are prior service and our original branch was the U.S. Army. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Army, no matter what branch of service we are in now. I AM and Army of One and you can see MY STRENGTH…..Hoooooooah! Ok with that background information, you can imagine what excitement I must have felt when I stumbled upon Torii Station….for anyone who has been there will know what I am talking about. Torii Station in Okinawa, JP is one of the most beautiful and amazing military recreation areas I’ve every visited and I’ve been to Schofield Barracks Hawaii, Camp Pendleton- San Diego, Presidio of Monterey- Army Installation, and Naval Post Graduate School there as well.

We happened to run into Torii Station one day during our weekend adventures. We had already went to a few locations and if you look back on some of the images you can see how many destinations ended up in each day… Road trip! We weren’t ‘dressed’ for the occasion, next time we will be prepared now that we know about the radness that is….Torri Station.

My favorite part of Torri Station was the private BEACH, picnic /camp area, cabins, pools…everything is so perfectly serene and relaxing, at least the day we were there. So far we had only been to Araha Beach, Baba Beach etc yet this is my favorite so far.

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