Toguchi Beach with Roller Slide!

Toguchi Beach with Roller Slide!
We stumbled upon this island gem one day during some exploring…. Previously I had spotted this area from across the mouth of the river, from the steps, but I didn’t have any idea of how to get over to this spectacular and gorgeous area of Okinawa. I could see some tunnels and caves, and a picnic table area so we ventured out to find it. It’s official name is not awesome island gem, it is really called Toguchi Beach, but I call it coral caves beach with a roller slide…bonus!
We arrived late afternoon and then later I took this photo just as the sun started to set, just amazing…
Look at that natural coral rock formation inside the ocean water, beautiful!
Here you see when we first arrived…we discovered this oasis of paradise AND it had a roller slide….can you say RAD, my kids were stoked!
This was the first roller slide we had came across and since then we have found a few more, we are always on the hunt for roller slides because we heard about them prior to PCSing here and we knew we would own each and every roller slide we found!
Here the background….these images were taken on the way to our final destination and are related to this post. Not sure what the name of this area is, but this was one of the spots I could see from across the river….and I wanted to try and find it. You can see a fisherman just underneath the picnic table roof. The color of the water is just breathtaking…this river inlet is used for canoeing and the steps across the way I saw scuba divers and a class of divers with an instructor too.
It was nice and quiet here and there was also a restroom facility there as well.
 Here is a view of the steps across the river…

Ok now back to Toguchi Beach…it was majestic and peaceful, definitely a must see while you are here in Okinawa. Many photo opportunities here.

This was my favorite part, the coral caves…there were multiple ways of getting to it and you find a secluded beach area that has caves and shells, great for the kids.

Just look at the roots on the side of this coral/lava rock…whatever formation it may be, I call it coral {but I’m not sure} it’s probably volcanic made earth….

Right through the gate it the secret beach, you can also access it through climbing the steps and going over the coral hill and walking down into it…

Close up of what we’re working with here…some historical facts and info {in Japanese} and English and then the phenomenal gorgeous caves!

Here is where we just walked underneath, and above you can see some of the stairway/railing that can be used to access other parts of this park and recreation hidden treasure.

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You can see the Kadena Town dive steps across the ocean there…, lots of shells and coral you can search for with the children.

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