Sunabe Seawall

Sunabe Seawall
Our time at the Sunabe Seawall, after a nice brunch we took a long walk…
It was a day after a Typhoon went through the island so the water and waves are rough and the skies are a little overcast but the crabs were out…
This is some insight on what to expect for your first time visiting the seawall {on the Kadena side} and you can ascertain what you would want to bring with you or not bring on your trip here. This seawall is a MUST when you PCS here, get out in the town and visit as many attractions as possible. We’ve only been here a short while and we’ve already visited many things, most of which are free…visiting and enjoying doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Just get in the car and go!
¬†I LOVE this picture….so cute, hubby looking at baby and then big bro with his contagious smile! ūüėČ
The ocean still looks so beautiful even though the weather is bad.
¬†The kids didn’t mind…{baby looks concerned}
OOTD, outfit of the day…well I’m usually the one behind the camera lens so usually you’ll see my husband or the kids;) Here you can see the brick pavers that make up the seawall walk way. It gives it a cobble stone effect, as opposed to a asphalt black top trail.
The kids had fun looking for sea life and dodging splashes from the waves.
¬†It was very windy but the sun would peak through the clouds every now and then…
 Lots of room for a leisurely walk or exercising.
Look out point, for sightseeing or fishing….little too dangerous for us today {waves on steps} but next time this will be awesome to look a little closer at the ocean.
Sea life we saw, muscles, worm?, crabs big and small, and birds.
Hold hands with daddy, ….and wave sweetie!!
Shown here are the large area of steps that make up a lot of the coast line, high tide you cannot really use them but lower tide you can sit on them or use for fishing.
This where we turned around to head back to car….a good walk, nice distance just right.
Lots of room for sight seeing and shade if needed…
We’ll come back another time when the sun is out and bring our professional camera! These were all from my iPhone…
¬†People come here to take advantage of the spectacular ocean view and great spacious walkway for biking, running, dog walking, and well…walking! We saw many people fishing, enjoying family quality time, and dog walking even though the weather wasn’t ideal. We walked almost all the way to the kadena diving steps…toward the river but then we turned back around where the main sitting area was, there was benches, sun shade, and table to enjoy! Definitely going back there for a picnic…
~Be Sweet
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