Pirate Ship Araha Beach

Pirate Ship Araha Beach
We stopped by the Pirate Ship Araha Beach Playground at Araha Beach one night on a whim after the kids were done with their homework, yet before we headed to dinner. Since we were still at the hotel…we ate out on the economy some nights. We got there just at sunset and stayed until it was dark. It was a nice peaceful place you can take the kids and relax as they romp around the pirate ship and ride the zip line. The park is also lit at night but we didn’t stay too long once they came on. The pictures I took didn’t come out as beautiful as I would have like {using an iPhone} but someday I’ll return with my professional camera and take some nice images.

Pirate Ship, Araha Beach

Our son taking is first turn on the zip line…

Look at the view right across from the park.

My eldest daughter’s turn on the zip line!

It is across from Camp Foster directly on the coast line, ocean front.
The park is between the San A store and the river inlet bridge {just find parking in a number of inconspicuous areas}.
Not sure if you can find it…
Take the commissary gate out of Camp Foster, turn Right onto the 58.
Turn Left on the second light, where the road T’s off turn Right.
Turn Left toward the ocean any where you see parking for the Beach.

Up next…
Teppanyaki Ramen House is where we ended up…the food was good and affordable but they didn’t speak hardly any English so we made due by pointing to the menu pictures. Kids ate all the dinner and the place was packed full so you know that is a great sign.

I had the spicy ramen,it’s one of the main dishes on the menu and the waitress told me it is very popular. My husband had the miso ramen, and the kids got similar. I also ordered the fermented egg and Kim Chi on the side {all shown above}.

It is located between Camp Lester and Kadena, off the 58 heading toward Kadena it is on the left hand side {across the from Dollar Sushi place}. You can’t miss it since there are empty lots near it and it has a large parking area as well.

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