Hilton Chatan Okinawa Resort- Brunch

Hilton Chatan Okinawa Resort- Brunch

We had gotten word that the brunch buffet at the Okinawan Hilton Resort was very good and the newly built hotel was worth visiting. We went one afternoon during the week with just our youngest child {not recommended} and had an ok time being that our baby was over it in about 20-30 minutes. She could only tolerate a little bit of luxury {quiet} and relaxation, then we had to tag team it in order to finish some of our food that we paid for. I believe the price was $18 per adult for buffet.

Lunch Buffet items…

On our way to check out the buffet for the first time, #butfirstletstakeaselfie wait I wasn’t ready, ok now with the baby, ok now with us….and we’re good.

Nice views.

Hilton Okinawa, Japan Chatan Resort

As you come into the Lobby…head right and at the hallway ‘T’ you will see the Shinka buffet entrance on your right side.

Sorry keiki I got you while you were enjoying {chewing} some food, love you. Here is some of the Hilton Resort Okinawa Chatan grounds. The top right photo of my daughter is the floor to ceiling windows of the Shinka dining room.

The dining room is gorgeous and it had floor to ceiling windows…and if you know me, you know that I love bright NATURAL light and soaring ceilings. This dining room did not disappoint, it was modern, light, and airy….very spacious. I think we were the only Americans there, but I did see a blonde lady walking around in a uniform, worked for the resort in some capacity. Other than that we were the only non-locals. The staff was friendly and attentive and even though the buffet was busy, we were seated right away by the hostess.

Outdoor seating, ocean views, chic interior, exotic passion fruit mini deserts…yes, thank you!

There were many options of soup.

Various desserts from sweet to pallet cleansing.

The majority of the food was of all different types Japanese / Chinese varieties and they even had ‘Kim Chi’ which me and my husband zoned in on right away. It is a traditional Korean spicy side dish that we were surprised to see there, if you’ve ever been stationed in Korean you know what I’m talking about {shown in first photo}. There was dumplings, soups, delicious stir fried meats, grilled fish, and sushi. This brunch also had a chocolate fountain, ice cream, and many cute tiny deserts and cakes. Frozen yogurt with treats in it were also being made to order and the buffet was being replenished very quickly and almost every station was being attended by a sous chef.

We also went there for their breakfast buffet but is is more expensive and not as scrumptious as lunch. Lunch is about $18 per adult and breakfast is $23 if you are not already staying there at the resort as a guest.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time…

~Be Sweet
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