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In search of a dress for the Okinawa Marine Corps Ball, which I was unaware of prior to arrival, I went to Amerotica Japan Woman’s Apparel from the USA. The directions are tricky if you venture down the wrong Mashiki road, there are two to choose from. Do not turn on ‘Mashiki North’, turn on the sign that only reads ‘Mashiki…’
This is what the store front looks like, and there is parking available on the side of the building.

Follow the pink ‘P’ Parking sign.

This statue is out in front of the store.

Our daughter was very excited to take a look inside…

Here’s a hallway you can also access the store from the back parking area {opposite direction}, and use this breezeway to walk over to the store entrance.

Welcome into Amerotica Japan Women’s Apparel, aka, formal dresses, gowns, for military balls, proms, homecoming, and weddings.

They had a small selection of formal shoes, prom shoes, club heels, and exotic dancer…ummm I mean fitness competition/figure/bodybuilding competition heels. They also had some formal clutches to coordinate with your dress. Behind my son is the dressing area, it has a sliding door then 2 changing rooms with curtains and mirrors.

My little fashionista was right at home striking a pose while I tried on some gowns.

Here is a pretty yellow dress, they pretty much were all about $200 or 20,000 Yen. All the dresses are marked about $189 or $199.

Racks and racks….not as many as I’m use to seeing in the US but there were quite a few. The styles varied…I liked the ones with beaded work and sequins the most.

Another interesting fact was that they offer alteration / seamstress services which is very helpful when you are in a bind….and without your sewing machine or if you do not know how to sew. So if you are looking for an Alterations place here in Okinawa close to base {but not use the alteration services on base}, this is an option for you. Check out their prices and if you use them you can also negotiate if you feel it is too expensive.

Directions: Head South on the 58 toward Naha and Ginowan. Right turn on Mashiki and at the first light, the store will be on your left side, across from the Kumon Learning Center.

~Be Sweet
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