DIY Outdoor Organization Recycle Bins

DIY Outdoor Organization Recycle Bins
 DIY Outdoor Organization Recycle Bins and Storage Aluminum Trash…. turned Recyle Bins! Spring cleaning is around the corner and this is the perfect weekend project to get you started this season.
Organizing and DIYing our home is always on my mind…no matter the season!
Check out this fun and fast tutorial!

Here is an inexpensive DIY organization project that you can accomplish in about 15-20 minutes, depending on how quickly you can place the painters tape and/or if you have help. If you decide to create this DIY project on your own you will need about 30-40 minutes start to finish. These aluminum trash cans can be used for various purposes other than trash disposal. I also like these smaller size lid bucket /cans combo too, maybe for a future project!

DIY Recycling Bins DIY outdoor storage aluminum trash bins

Sharpie Marker

When I saw these gems at the home improvement store I figured I would make them into either sports /ball equipment storage, recycling bins, garden supply, or pet food storage. We needed all of these storage solutions in our garage but I ended up using it toward our going green effort…recycling and for our ‘unplugged’ effort….which is outdoor play/ball equipment to keep the children entertained outside instead of inside with something that involves a plug.

Place your painters tape, spray the paint, remove tape…..repeat!

One trash bin for your paper recyclables and your plastic recyclables…

{Paper} label!
I used washi tape and a sharpie marker on some labels I found, didn’t they come out so cute!!?!

{Plastic} label!
Washi tape is so fun and versatile…

Use these babies to help you get organized and green for this Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer!!!

These recycle/ storage bins do not have to be perfect, have fun with this project and if you make any mistake with the spray paint it’s fine since it will give it that rustic effect….outdoor look.

So round up your trash bins, painters tape, and colors of choice and get started!!

Source list:
Trash Bins– Lowe’s $24 each
Krylon Spray Paint- $5.96 each
Painters Tape– Lowe’s
DIY Recycling Bins DIY outdoor storage aluminum trash bins

Please let me know you stopped by and leave a comment below, thanks!!!

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