Built-in Desk Homework Nook

Built-in Desk Homework Nook

DIY Built in Homework Nook

Built-in wood features are among my favorite DIY projects to design and create! Today I wanted to the REVEAL and share our experience here on how we made our DIY Built-in Homework Nook Desk, DIY style in our home. We took a semi-wasted space that was a niche made up of drywall and turned it into an SWEET and amaaazing ‘homework and reading nook’ for our family…especially the kids.

The desk is standard size to fit an adult {for paying bills, or working on taxes}, but the kids get the most use out of it during homework time, as it is away from noise, distractions, yet it is close enough to the heart of the home so that we adults can check on them while we attempt to get things done around here…cleaning chores seen here{Cleaning Collective post /Pantry Makeover}, meal prep seen here {Almond Crusted Spicy “Fried” Chicken post}, or something similar. The whole family congregates within the vicinity of our new desk feature. Be sure to check out the entire series, Part 1 and 2 are linked below, to make one of these built-in desks in your space!

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DIY Built-in Desk Tutorial SWEETHAUTE

DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial
‘before Paint’


Built-in Desk Homework Nook: Tutorial Series

They actually LOVE this space, and they were so ecstatic to dream about it, watch it being built, help during the process, and even used it while it was pending for paint and calk, or as I call it; the progress {during} phase. I usually break the images down into Before. During. After.



Wood trim, like this mini board and batten is so gorgeous AND functional since it protects your walls from wear and tear…

If you missed the previous posts…..check them out:
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Built-in Desk: Part 2

…in progress, more wood work detail
DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial
 Desktop and Beadboard Paneling {AFTER}
:::Decor still ‘under construction’:::

I kept the decor on the functional side since this space isn’t exceptionally big. This will not be the final decor of what items will be here, just showing the scale and size of the finished space. Although…shown here are a few items that I made using some DIY techniques. First was our Re-purposed Ice Cream containers, used for storage. Next was our revamped desk organizer made into a DIY Charging Station for our iPad, iPods, and iPhones. Finally I did add some file organizers/ magazine holders to function as an area for each child to keep their school work, which will most likely stay there as part of the ‘design.’


Wood Trim {AFTER}

Another feature that I wanted to really highlight was the angle of the ceiling above this space, I did this by designing what I call Mini Board and Batten….which is merely a smaller scale of Board and Batten wood trim. I designed that in hopes of making this space feel more like it’s own room even though it is situated in a thoroughfare. Below this wood trim feature is regular Board and Batten (tutorial coming) that I designed to protect the walls from passerby’s.

Mini Board and Batten {AFTER}
The Mini Board and Batten came out so well in this space, I’m glad I took a risk and installed it…
I am very happy with the result.

The wall color used in this project was call Sea Sprite by Olympic paints. It is taped on the wall next the original wall color white is an ivory….and some white wood work. It is not taped next to the actual color, which is shown in the other {AFTER} images. 🙂 I love this color because it is in the aqua family yet it is muted with a tad of grey so it doesn’t come off as too strong….perfect!!!

DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial

Opposite view of this space when entering from the other direction. There is a lot of natural light on either side of this space yet there isn’t much of that light that actually makes it into that nook so I had to place a desk lamp {hot images} which made the image become over exposed.

I put a full size blotter down to protect the painted desktop, the another file organizer/ magazine holder. Then I have a beautiful tray that has a scented candle and a canister containing various washi tape. All of these items fit there yet when school is out for summer I will put away the other containers and leave the tray and blotter. The lamp is usually not there, it’s there for {horrible} lighting purposes temporarily.

DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial

Doesn’t this space look so cozy and inviting to curl up with a great book or get some work done in a quiet setting that’s away from the distractions of the world….or at least the rest of the house. 😉

DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial

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Again, if you missed the previous posts…..check them out:
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Built-in Homework Nook Desk: Part 2 

DIY Built-in Desk Tutorial SWEETHAUTE
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DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial
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