Patriotic Mason Jar Vases: Tutorial

Patriotic Mason Jar Vases: Tutorial
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Patriotic Mason Jar Vases
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Patriotic Mason Jar Vases- Tutorial by House in the Heights
For me, holiday decorating is all about finding cheap and easy ways to give a nod to the season.  So as the 4th of July approaches, I was excited to utilize a few of the dozens of mason jars that we have around our house to create some patriotic vases for our front porch.
 photo PatrioticMasonJarVases_zpsb8e3a8d5.jpgPatrioticMasonJarVases3_zps94991c53
Creating these mason jars couldn’t have been easier (or cheaper)!  I used red, white and blue craft paint to paint each jar, and then distressed them with sand paper before topping them off with a jute twine bow and a simple grocery store flower bouquet.  Since I had most of the supplies on hand, all that I needed to purchase was the craft paint ($2.01 for all three) and flowers ($5.99), bringing my grand total to an even eight bucks.
 Patriotic Mason Jar Vases
For some variety, I painted one jar white and then used painter’s tape and red paint to add stripes….
 Red White Mason Jar
…used toothpicks to dot red and blue paint on top of a white base coat in order to create a confetti effect…
RedWhiteBlueConfettiMasonJar_zps416394e7…and left the third jar a simple, distressed navy blue.
 Blue Mason Jar
Although I did need to wait for the paint to dry between coats, I found that the craft paint dried very quickly and was able to complete the entire project in multiple sittings within the course of one day.
I set the vases on a wood slice to bring it all together, and it’s such a perfect seasonal touch for our front porch!
Patriotic Mason Jar Vases
Cheap, easy, and uses materials that you probably already have on hand.  I can’t think of a better project than that! Hope you give them a try!

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Thank you for that great decor tutorial from the House in the Heights blog, pallet re-design is so popular for so many reasons!
Some of her fabulous by her are:

Enjoy, and stay tuned for me tutorials from Emily!!
You can find many varieties of Mason Ball Jars at Walmart stores for a great price, they have cases of them, the Aqua Blue tinted ones, and the large giant size craft ones.

Please stop by and visit the House in the Heights blog and check out all her posts. Leave her a comment that you were there!!

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