Day 1-6 REVEAL Remix 30X30 Outfit Challenge Spring

Day 1-6 REVEAL Remix 30X30 Outfit Challenge Spring
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Welcome to Week 1 of SWEET HAUTE’s Spring Outfits 30×30 Challenge!

Here you go….this is my first attempt at a 30X30 Remix Outfit challenge, hope you like it and become inspired to ‘shop’ your closet and bring out some pieces this spring break!! Below is Week 1 which consisted of days 1-6. I tried my best to create some fabulous outfits, but the family hasn’t been feeling well on and off so it was….challenging to say the least! I BARELY get time to sit in my office and write, as you can imagine,…and post processing images, {eek….} extremely time consuming…and so I am making an effort and push myself amongst all the other commitments I have going on. We keep busy around here, hahahaha!

Forever 21

~Be Sweet


Sweetest Haute

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