Built-in Desk: Part 1

Built-in Desk: Part 1

Built in Desk Progress

Here is an update of what’s been happening here at SWEETHAUTE land. Built-in Desk progress so show the behind the scenes of this process. Projects galore since it’s become spring; cleaning, organizing, and DIY work has been on the brain to get ready for spring and summer fun. Today I am sharing a project that is going to be most useful to the kids, yet still functional for the entire family. A built in desk, DIY style that was inexpensive and it didn’t take more that a day or two to get up. Now were are getting ready for the finishing touches… Source list at the bottom of post.
DIY Built-in Desk Tutorial SWEETHAUTE

 Follow up post here:
Built-in Desk: Part 2

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Again the Follow up post here:
Built-in Desk: Part 2

We had this niche space in our home that we wanted to make into something useful and built-in.
Before, the space that was inside our wall had baseboard molding and espresso wood flooring.
 Here is a close up with a lamp inside so you can see more detail. The wall and ‘ceiling’ are textured drywall and the ceiling is at an angle which definitely made installing the beadboard paneling more difficult than normal.

 We didn’t want this space to go to waste, and the kids kept trying to use it as a catch all…so I was constantly trying to keep it clean and organized in there.

Step 1:
Measure, measure, then measure again….take notes, then make your cuts.

To save time, we purchased a pre-sanded solid wood panel. It is stain grade and ready for installation.

 This is the type of Beadboard Paneling we are installing in that space, it may also be called Wainscoting Planks. We want all the surfaces to be protect and trimmed out with wood and molding.

  Here we were measuring out the Beadboard Paneling and this part was tricky because of the angles and because the walls were not the same size or height on both sides of the niche. It was strange the way the builder installed the drywall….is that common? 🙂

 Step 2: 
Apply Liquid Nails to the back of your wainscoting and adhere to walls. Finish with nail gun or finishing nails.
Here you can see the helpers, holding the bead-board in place after the liquid nails adhesive was applied. Nails were added on the studs and then the nail holes were caulked and painted. Wood filler was applied to wood seams then caulked and painted.

Then we added the wood that would serve as the desktop. 

Step 2: 
We removed the face plates of the electrical outlet and phone outlet and installed the beadboard under the metal prongs of each, tightened them into place…

The beadboard had to be pieced together since it is sold in a large panel and this space had different sizes for its walls and ceiling.
Source List:
Stain Grade Solid Wood Panel- Desktop Lowes
Nail Gun
Wood Filler
Air Compressor
White Glossy Paint 
If you missed it….Check out this post:
Built-in Desk Part 2
 Then stay tuned for the full before and after “reveal” and full tutorial blog post. Have a creative and DIY weekend!! 
What we hope to accomplish here in the next few weeks: 


DIY Built-in Desk Tutorial SWEETHAUTE

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DIY Built in Desk Homework Nook SWEETHAUTE Tutorial

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