Valentines Conversation Hearts Cake {SWEET}

Valentines Conversation Hearts Cake {SWEET}
Valentine’s Day is approaching! Check out this Conversation Heart Cake Tutorial, it is fantastic and a great idea for a centerpiece at your next Valentines Day event and party.

Today is my BIRTHDAY and a ‘conversation heart’ cake is the perfect addition to anyone’s event or Valentines Day celebration. It is a fantastic idea to have something out of the ordinary as the centerpiece at your next gathering. This project is quick, easy, and very affordable. I found the supplies at the Dollar Store and saved time by using a boxed cake mix. You can make any flavor cake from scratch if you wish, but this tutorial is done with a Devil’s Food boxed cake, and pre made frosting.
2 Round Cake Pans (9 inch)
16 Small Boxes Sweet Conversation Hearts/ or Large Bag
1 Boxed Devil’s Food Cake
  -eggs as per box instructions
  -oil per instructions
  -water per instructions
1 Can Chocolate Frosting
Cooking Spray
Cooling Rack
Cake Pedestal

Step 1:
Pre-heat oven. Spray non-stick cooking spray on your cake rounds. Mix batter and place in oven.
Once cakes are finished baking, set aside to cool COMPLETELY on a baking rack.
Step 2:
After cake has cooled, place wax paper or similar paper on edges of cake pedestal or serving dish and place first cake layer. Cut the cake’s round edge off flat if needed, to be even and straight. Frost first layer lightly.

Step 3:
Next frost the second layer of cake lightly, as well as the edges all the way around. Save the majority of the frosting to use to mend the gap between the two layers. I still had plenty of frosting left over to use for touch ups and ‘glue’ for the candy hearts, if need be.

Step 4:
Remove the wax paper under the edges of the cake. Start placing first row of candy hearts starting from the bottom.

Step 5:
Pick a color pattern and emulate it throughout the entire cake. Stager the candy hearts in between each other as much as possible to get the most coverage. Do it as quickly as possible before the frosting drys out.

Conversation Hearts Cake
Step 6:
For the top of the cake repeat the same process, starting your row on the outer edge working in.

Conversation Hearts Cake

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you have questions or comments!!

~Be Sweet

Sweetest Haute
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