Neon Hot Pink Candy Apples | SWEETHAUTE

Neon Hot Pink Candy Apples | SWEETHAUTE

How to make Neon Pink Candy Apples!

How to make DIY Neon Hot Pink Candy Apples (with Video Tutorial) right at home! Use them as the finishing touches for your next event. You can make them in any color, today I am sharing how to make pink candy apples. What makes these pink candy apples especially awesome is that they are opaque {not see through} and neon hot pink candy apples!! These are gorgeous AND delicious, I made them flavored with vanilla yet you can customize to any flavor that you wish. I hope you enjoy this pink candy apples recipe, please share with me your experience if you make them! Leave a comment below:) For more other colors and themes like Pink Candy Apple Recipes and ideas click here to read!

Pink Candy Apples

Recipe yields: 12-14 mini apples/ 12 apples
Pink Candy Apples
These candy apples were so FUN to create and today I am sharing how I made these really colorful and vibrant beauties from scratch. You can DIY this at home so quickly and easily. I had to purchase the correct types of food coloring, yet I already had the wooden dowels / sticks from a previous candy apple project. I went ahead and tried to find the smallest apples possible so they would be perfect portion sizes for kids as well as adults that do not want all the sweetness. These particular candy apples are the ‘hard shell’ candy apples, like a lollipop or jolly rancher candy’s texture.


Candy coating with make between 12-18 apples depending on the SIZE of apple you use for your event. I would suggest using the cute small size for weddings and baby showers because most adults do not want to eat a gigantic size dessert of this nature. {messy, sticky, chewy}…yet kids do love it!
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12 Apples (small or medium are perfect for little hands)

2 Teaspoon White Food Coloring

2 Teaspoon Hot Pink Food Coloring

Wooden/ Paper Sticks

1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract (or different flavor)

Silicone Spatula

Baking Sheet or Parchment Paper

Cooking Non-stick Spray

Candy Thermometer

1/2 Cup ‘Light’ Corn Syrup

1 Cup Water

3 Cups granulated Sugar

HINT: to help remove or prevent bubbles in candy apples click here to read the tips and tricks for making smooth candy coating.

Gather your ingredients, I thought I had corn syrup but I forgot I used it all during the holidays so make sure you have everything.
Image above: I used wax, but next time I will be using PARCHMENT, it would work so much nicer for this project. The wax paper wanted to stick to candy underneath.
neon hot pink candy apples food coloringneon hot pink candy apple food coloring colors
Image above: Here you can (sort of) see the size of the food coloring, you can order them or pick them up at a party supply store, craft store that carries cake decorating supplies, or professional bakery supply.

Step 1:
Wash apples, remove wax coating, dry completely, remove stem with scissors, and again make sure they are completely dry. Insert the sticks and set them aside. Prepare the baking sheet with cooking non-stick spray, wax paper, or parchment paper, this is where the apples will cool.

Step 2:
Find a sturdy, thick, medium size, pot and place candy thermometer on side but be sure not to have it tough the bottom of sauce pan. Next, spray your 1/2 cup measuring cup with cooking spray BEFORE pouring in the light corn syrup.

Step 3: Then with the light corn syrup, pour in water, sugar, and food coloring in pot. Sir mixture on stove with medium to high heat, then wait until the candy mix comes to a boil.

I used this Bright White soft gel food coloring .75oz bottle, and the this Pink soft gel food coloring, .75oz bottle. You can trade the pink out for any color to make a different bright opaque color when combined with the bright white food coloring gel.

Step 4:
Gradually boil mix on medium-high heat. Once candy mix reaches 300-302 degrees F or the (hard crack candy phase), depending on your stove it show be about 15-20 minutes, keep your eye on it you do not want to burn the candy. Do not let mixture over boil out of pot.

TIPS: To PREVENT bubbles in my candy apples I prep them and I do not let it go over 302 degrees F, watch your pot!!! I do not stir it a lot after removing it from the heat. I quickly coat apples before mix cools down.

Step 5: Then when candy mix reaches 302 degrees F, and AFTER it reaches temperature…then stir in your Vanilla Extract, or whatever flavoring you purchased for project.

NOTE: Again…in order to prevent bubbles click here, and DO NOT let candy coating go over 302*F when boiling. Watch the thermometer with care!!! When you coat your apples, do not put a lot of air into mix when spinning apples to coat. Quickly coat the apples, once mix cools down too much, you’ll see more bubbles. You want bubble free candy apples the first time, or you will need to make batch after batch to have enough for your event.

TIP: To REMOVE candy apple mix from pot simply run hot water in the sink, then place pot in hot running water until clean.

My daughters hand….stirring in the Vanilla extract.

Step 5:
Quickly dip each apple, let excess drip off then place on baking sheet to cool. WARNING: be careful, candy is very hot and kids should not help with this stage.

Step 6:
Store at room temperature, DO NOT store in refrigerator….outer candy coating will become sticky and ‘liquify’ and you will have a mess.

Step 7:
Package them in cellophane wrap, saran wrap, or box them to give as treats. These are a great idea for birthday parties, valentines day, candy dessert bars, baby/ bridal showers, breast cancer awareness month, cheerleading, carnival themes, weddings, bacherlorette, sorority sister gifts etc. They last for about 3-7 days, keep out of sunlight.

 Enjoy! I hope that you like this post and that it was helpful to you in some way. Please leave a comment below to let me know you have visited. Thank you so much for visiting, let me know if you have questions. Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂
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