Whole 30 Series- a Busy Woman’s Guide

Whole 30 Series- a Busy Woman’s Guide
Whole 30 time! I’m am writing a series on my experience with the Whole30 Program challenge. I decided to do the challenge when I was injured after a ‘fall down the stairs’ which happens more often than not….concerning. Nevertheless, I couldn’t work out at all for about 1 month….so 30 day challenge, yes fits right into my lifestyle at that point.

Growing up, my family was ALWAYS active, whether we liked it or not. Yet as I left the nest and eventually had a family of my own, it was evident that it was definitely a way of life for me. So it was no surprise that I married a man who loves to workout just as much as I do and we motivate each other even when we are both feeling too exhausted and can’t keep our eyes open. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am ‘into’ fitness and I am fond of weight lifting as well as cross fit. Well at least I’m fond of the way my body looks when I use those techniques, what I am not fond of is how sore you can get from high intensity workouts and weight lifting.


 The meals I will be using for this are going to be convenient and inexpensive although the information about Whole 30 reviews why we should go ahead and spend the money on the organic, grass fed, free range, wild caught fish and meat. I started on a day out of nowhere other than I had been thinking of doing it. I looked around the pantry and fridge to see what I could ‘start’ with…and then the next day I went out and got a few more item until I reached the weekend and tried to buy the groceries that I knew I needed for the week. It was easy, even though the challenge says to prep everything ahead of time….I didn’t. I already knew that I am disciplined enough to make it and I do not have to ‘buy ahead’, which can get expensive, and wait until I had time to go find coupons and buy organic and raw food. I’ve also included some recommended books if you want to use them for days you have more time to cook or are wanting something in particular!! These books are great!

So stay tuned…this is going to be a real woman’s guide to the Whole 30 challenge on a normal budget, with a busy BUSY schedule, and using organic / raw foods as well as foods that are easily available at the regular grocery instead of a specialty store like Whole Foods Market.

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