DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern- FREE Tutorial

DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern- FREE Tutorial

DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern

How to make your own DIY Delivery Gown FREE with this great DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern and Tutorial. Every mom-to-be deserves to look amazing on her delivery day! If you still want to feel and look fantastic on your delivery day here is a simple and cute way to make a DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern out of an inexpensive bed sheet! Pick out a cute set of sheets from Target and let’s start your very own- DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern here we come!
I found this great, FAST, and easy to follow free hospital gown pattern over here at Lazy Girl Designs and then I customized it and made a few adjustments to my liking to create a wonderful custom designed maternity gown for the BIG day! Yay!

How to make a DIY Hospital Gown Pattern:


3. Ribbon (small for back ties, large for child gown detailing)
6. Thread
7. Iron
8. Velcro
Hospital Gown Pattern +tutorial DIY delivery gown.
I already had a twin sheet set that I bought from Target for my daughter’s room when I was still pregnant. Subsequently her crib was ‘re-called’ and the manufacturer gave a new FREE replacement crib voucher. We then bought a crib that could turn into a Full size bed so we couldn’t use the nostalgic hello kitty sheet set. So when I found out we were having another baby girl and was wanting to make a hospital gown, I remembered the sheet set and re-purposed them into….. 3 hospital gowns (me, big sis, & newborn) AND 2 pillow cases were given to big sister (woohoo!). Big sister can re-use her gown as a night gown in the future. That’s a fantastic deal for one sheet set that was sitting in the linen closet unopened for years and years. I bought that set about 5+ years ago.

Step 1:

MATERNITY SIZE: Make 2 right sides to turn the hospital gown pattern into a maternity size AND I added 6-8 inches to the length so that it would fit over the baby bump comfortably. I added six inches and it was plenty long and so measure yourself for size before cutting. EACH person it will fit differently so depending on how tall you are, add about 6 inches.

Step 2:

{Optional} Add lining. I inserted a fabric lining because the sheets were a little bit see through. For the adult maternity hospital gown and the big sister gown I added pink bias tape details and ribbons.
 Here you can see how to make the ‘V-neck’ edging and then add the simple bow.

Step 3:

Create bow and add you bias tape to edges.
    Bow Instructions:
     Step a.
     Make a long bias tape ‘ribbon.’
     -I measured mine by tying the bow with raw bias tape and then cutting the length I needed.
     Step b.
     Sew the bias tape long edge, then fold each end and sew down into place to prevent fraying.
     Step c.
     Assemble the bow shape by make 2 loops, then pin down…stitch into place.
     Step d.
     Make a separate 1-2 inch center loop shape for center and sew down.
     -Go over the center piece again and stitch into square design for extra enforcement.
Voila, simple bow detail….

Step 4:

Stitch maternity gown together, follow pattern instructions.

Big Sister and Newborn Gown:

Big Sister-

The big sister gown can be made by tracing an outline of an existing nightgown she has. Add bias tape and ribbon detail, we also used Velcro fasteners for this gown as well since it was not a stretch fabric material.

Newborn Gown-

The newborn gown was made with a fabric ‘tube’ shape attached to a onesie, then elastic to gather bottom. Add bias tape and ribbon detail to finish look.
Oh, and my mother helped me with the newborn gown details and big sis gown details because I was out of energy when she arrived, just in the nick of time because I was 6 days overdue. I had everything ready (Newborn size Onesie, remnant fabric, elastic, and pink ribbon), but just couldn’t get motivated because I didn’t want to accidentally mess it up. She didn’t mind because she was just chilling out with not much to do, waiting for baby to arrive! (She’s also excellent at crochet, and sewing anyways.)
Please see the supply list {above}. You will need ribbon, Velcro {or something similar: snaps, buttons}, fusible interfacing. I did NOT use buttons, I added ties instead that I made with the pink bias tape and added the bow detail on the front neckline.
I know, it’s not perfect but it is indeed made with love!
Again…You will need:
3. Ribbon (small for back ties, large for child gown detailing)
6. Thread
7. Iron
8. Velcro

~Be Sweet

Sweetest Haute

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21 thoughts on “DIY Maternity Hospital Gown Pattern- FREE Tutorial”

  • Cute! I used the same pattern to make one a few years ago and will be wearing it for baby #2 soon!

  • Very cute and love the matching newborn outfits too! Thanks for sharing it with us on BeBetsy.


    Grab a featured button here Our next party starts at midnight tonight so find something cool to BRAG ABOUT and link it up.

    Sharon and Denise
    BeBetsy ♥

  • So cute! I wish I’d seen something like this when I was pregnant with my daughter. I like the Hello Kitty fabric.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ <a href=”>Submarine Sunday Link Party</a>

  • I am making a delivery gown for my dear friend. I have never had a baby so I am not sure about delivery/hospital protocol. Do I need to leave open slits in the gown for a belly monitor or anything else?

    • I would check with that specific hospital. But at my hospital I wore the regular gown they provided then AFTER baby arrived I changed into the fun one for the pictures. Me, big sister, and baby rested and relaxed in the clean custom designed gowns all together. The monitor was place under gown anyways and thru the arm hole, I didn’t need to have an access point for them. Hope that helps!

  • I really want to make this for my stay in the hospital with baby #3 but I couldn’t find the pattern. Did I just overlook it? Yours looks amazing.

  • I really want to make this for my hospital stay with baby #3, but I couldn’t find the pattern. Did I just overlook it? Yours is amazing.

  • due in a few weeks! howd you do the newborn one? just attach it to a onsie? im going to get all my supplies tomorrow! SO EXCITED!

    • yes, that’s exactly right… attach a newborn onesie to a ‘tube’ shaped gown. Make sure to gather ribbon or do not add ribbon so it fits easy over baby. I didn’t gather ribbon so we could only use it couple times before she grew out of it because the ribbon wasn’t stretchy.

  • due in 3 weeks! how did you do the newborn gown? just used a onsie? im going to get all my supplies for this tomorrow! im so excited!

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